Take that Ranulph Fiennes!

Nik Toocheck wants to run a marathon on every continent by age of 11. He ran the Delaware marathon in December 2012 and is doing his second marathon in the Antartica next week. http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=18540119 From the article, it seems like his parents have made sure he's healthy and able to run long distances, but is it really good for kids to run such long distances that young?


  • If the medics have given him the ok then I say it makes a nice change from hearing about the obesity epidemic in kids...

  • Who needs knees in old age anyway?


  • in this country you cannot until you are 18.......can you rememeber the indian boy running them when he was young........

    The body is still developing and the knees on children are particulary vunerable.......but as he is american no doubt he can sue his parents in 30 years time if he can't run at all

  • Ha! Seren, that did make me laugh image 

    I did wonder about the impact on his development too

  • What about the cost?!

    I know its costs around EURO 10k to enter and that doesn't include flights etc.,

  • saw a thing in the paper the other day of this 9 year old lad who has bagged all the munros.

    he is called Ben! image

    wee smartarse.

  • Going to Antarctica is irresponsible - it shouldn't be s tourist destination.  Like or not, our species has an impact everywhere we go - boat fuel and oil in the water, aeroplane polution, noise polution, etc.

    And this is for nothing other than bragging rights.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Junglechicken - that was my first thought too: his parents must be loaded!

    DF3 - this just shows there's hope for you: he 'completes' them with no long training runs...

  • Junglechicken - Perhaps he is going to raise sponsership & and use a percentage of that to cover his costs.

    I seem to remember reading about a couple of students who had a similar idea. image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    It does mention times, it says 'just under 6 hours'. That sounds like a good target for you to beat in a few weeks.

    Bear in mind that you've got longer legs than him, though.

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