Runners Trots?!?!

Hi All, 

Yesterday I did a 10.4 mile run. When I got to 4 miles and started to get an aching feeling in my tummy and I guess I should have stopped at that point and gone to the bathroom but there was no-where to stop so I carried on. I completed the run and felt ok, I knew I needed the toilet but I could hold on. My husband picked me up and started to drive me home and thats when my tummy really started to hurt and I had an urgency to go to the toilet. He got me home just in the nick of time but I then spent a good 2 and a half hours on and off the toilet in absolute agony.

Has anyone else suffered like this? is there anything I can do to prevent it?

I am a morning runner and I dont eat before I go out. I did take lucozade during the run and a SIS caffine Gel at mile 6 (but this was the same pattern as the 10 mile run the week before and didnt have any tummy problems)

I have had this once before and that was on an evening training run with my running club and that was just a short 3.5mile run.



  • Have you checked back to see what you ate 24-36hrs before the run. It may be a particular food you have eaten, or perhaps then amount of fibre, fats, or even protein. Caffein causes problems for some, others have problems with dairy, or after alcholol. Did you go out with a full bowel.

    Lots of factors involved. If its happened only a couple of times then maybe no action is needed. If it become regular image then I'd be looking at diet the day.
  • Hey, 

    Thanks for the reply. I hadnt thought that it could have something to do with what I ate the night before. I keep a food diary so I will keep a close eye on that.


  • I get this sometimes - its called the "zombie run" as you shuffle with your butt cheeks  clasped as you look for somewhere suitable.. I learnt the hard way and ALWAYS take some loo roll with me now.... sorry... TMI

    As for preventing it - no idea. Sometimes it just seems to happen! 

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