Is my watch broken?



  • because if you know its gun to chip then us slower runners will be fighting the fast runners for a place on the start line............and so bugger up their race as well..............when normally the majority of runners will take their appropriate place in the line for our pace...

    but if its gun to chip thyen we all want an accurate time of our run

  • It used to be the case that there were some chip timing systems that couldn't cope with hundreds of runners crossing the start mat in a short space of time, so it would either lose your start time completely or it would only register you as starting quite a while after you'd actually crossed the line.  So it was only useful in a gun time capacity, which makes recording finishers easier but otherwise is of little benefit to the runner.

  • The Fleet 10k also has gun to chip timing.  I guess it is easier than manual timing, but if you're paying for someone to time your event, they might as well do gun to gun.

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