Off-road events 15mile+


I ran the 14.5mile off-road Belvoir challenge yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was not on the list of events on runner's world, so I was wondering if anyone knew of other, similar events? There are not a lot in the Midlands region on here.

Anything from 15mile to 25mile is off interest image




  • Hi mad I know you said midlands but there is one in lancashire called the muddy bottoms. Its a 17mile mainly of road and you get a map+directions and there are 3 check points to get to. Great goody bag and pie peas and gravy at the end have a look on or just google it.
  • Stretton Skyline could be the ticket. 19 miler near Church Stretton. Hilly and scenic. The FRA relays were held there last year, I didn't take part but the pics looks great.

  • How about the Clun Valley Challenge on May 18th. Just down the road from Church Stretton, with 16 or 26 mile options. Mostly off-road in Houseman's 'blue remembered hills'.

    This sort of event is not run commercially, so doesn't tend to get the RW coverage. Try the LDWA site for other events.

  • Thanks guys, I will look into these. image


    Johnny again - are the LDWA happy with runners doing walking events?

  • Mad_Scientist: I had a look on their site and it says if runners are welcome, and there's usually a different start time for runners. There's a few events elsewhere in the Midlands too.

  • Mad_Scientist: Yes, runners are accepted, and welcomed, at most of the events. The feel is rather different to most races - threre isn't always a 'results' list, for example, so record your own time. And don't think that because it is a walk it isn't competitive! Some of the walkers will be travelling pretty rapidly, although many won't. The earlier start for walkers means that you will be passing people for much of the route, which makes it pretty sociable (and reduces the chance of getting lost).

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