• No, Viagra just improves your knob ( so I'm told)
  • I was only half joking when I said Viagra could save a life, with all the TV adverts for mental health...

    Is not treating that as important ?
  • Excess skin after weight loss will only go with surgery there is no other way to get rid of it.

    The tough thing is that to qualify for the operation on the NHS you have to be a healthy BMI and maintain it for a period of time, I think 6 months. The thing is people can have 1 stone in weight of excess skin meaning they actually have to be 1 stone under a healthy weight and maintain that for 6 months in order to qualify for the skin removal operation.  Doesn't seem healthy to me?

    When you get right down to it there are very few conditions that you can't theoretically blame on something. So I don't think thats a valid argument for whether it should be avliable on the NHS or not.

    What I do find annoying it the NHS treatments being cut back to save money making them less efficient than the private version meaning less chance of sucess and so requiring repeat treatments. Now that is a waste.

  • @AliBear30, I think there are also different criteria for the operation being available depending on your local health authority/PCT/foundation trust/whatever they're being called this week.


    I'm just glad I wasn't any bigger, the excess skin I've got is enough!

  • Rob Walker 12 wrote (see)

    Anyway, back to the matter at hand, Now that we've covered Trolling, the philosophy of publicly funded healthcare and the Bulger case, does anyone know anybody who's actually had a tummy tuck? Or anything else interesting to say about it?

    yep I've had one paid for by the nhs.

    first pregnancy with 10lb plus baby stretched skin extensively. I didn't put on a great deal of weight but baby seemed to spend nine months standing with his feet on my spine and his head behind my belly button, my belly stuck out hilariously in front. people used to stare!  just before he was born my husband measured me round my 'waist' and I was 48"  subsequent pregnancy with more sensible sized baby didn't even fill the loose pouch of skin from the first time round.  I decided to find out about having the pouch removed but it was around the time stephen hendry's wife was very poorly having had a similar procedure and after looking in to it a bit I decided that there was no way I was going to use a cosmetic surgery company that advertised in the back of mags, i wanted a surgeon who did these ops a lot and I wanted it done in a hospital where they had an intensive care unit if things went wrong during the op.   I went to my gp to find out what my options were.  long story shorter GP referral to BAAPS consultant then long interview with psychologist to explore my state of mind and at end of that she said she would recommend me to have tummy tuck by nhs.  its a much lesser procedure if done by nhs than if you pay for it.  nhs they take away only the loose skin.  if you pay then you can choose to have lipo and muscles tightened too.  Had op and was back at work in ten days.

    I have swapped my skin flap apron for a neat scar that runs hip to hip.  I'm very happy with the exchange.

    I can partly understand why some people's point of view that this type of op shouldn't be covered by nhs but there will always be difficult decisions to be made with funding for nhs services.  I dont feel guilty for having had it done and would encourage anyone with similar issues to explore what can be done. 

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