running, swimming , body combat/ attack too much??

I run 3 to 4 times a week, two 6 milers one 4 miler and one LSR of 10-13 miles as I'm training for the Liverpool Half in 3 weeks. I also swim twice a week 1 mile each time. For the past 3 weeks I have also started doing Body Combat once a week and Body Attack also once a week, with one day a week as a rest day where I do nothing.

Do you think I'm doing too much. I've felt fine mostly if a little tired at times as to be expected. Is it ok to exerise 6 days a week sometimes doing a run then a swim in the same day or a run then a exercise class. Any thoughts please. Thanks.


  • Not a problem if you have built up to that level of exercise gradually. Ensure that some of the sessions are easy - e.g an easy swim as a recovery session. Build in a taper period for your half so that you recover and feel fresh for the race
  • yeah, you should be fine... i run 3/4 times, play water polo 1/2 times, squash once, cycle to work 2/3 days and go to the gym once...... i have found two things are vital: 1) sleep, 2) diet - get this right and you'll be just fine!

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    It's fine but maybe taper it down the week of your race.  I'm marathon training and I also go to swim club once a week, body pump and cycle to work. It works for me.

  • Only you can tell really. Some people do more and are fine - others need more rest.

    Listen to your body and the tip about tapering for the half is a good idea.
  • Thanks all! Thats what I thought listen to my own body, but people were saying I'm doing too much. I'll carry on and see how it goes as long as it doesn't affect my running.

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