I have been running for about a year. I can run 5k in 30 mins, no problems, and completed 5 mile runs and 10 race in 2012.

But recently, in the last 3-4 months I cannot run anymore than 6km max. I have stiff hip pains and am either injured or have chest infections, bronchituts?

I have entered 1/2 marathon in june 2013 - but my training is not comming together at all.. If i run more than 3 times per week, i am stiff in my hip or i get shin splint injury.

Iam i not able to do 1/2 marathon or is my body telling me 6k is my limit?

Advice and support would be really appreciated.


  • Have you been to the Doctor about the hip and your chest?

    How old are you? Are you fairly fit otherwise or any other conditions?

    Re the shin splints, have you been properly fitted for the right shoes for you?

  • I came into running carrying a few injuries / problems. Best thing I did was to have an assessment at a physio/chiro which included a gait analysis, shoe recommendation and rehabilitation plan/exercises. It took about 6 months for my gp to refer me to a specialist the last time I went for help of this nature and wasn't prepared to wait.
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