Birmingham and Black Country Half-Marathon



  • That's for this year.

    The site has also been updated to say that racepacks will be sent out w/c 1st July.

    Feeling decidedly underwhelmed by this at the moment. Lost a week with tonsilitis and managed just 3 5km runs last week and felt dreadful in all of them...

  • 2wheels, know how you feel .......... ditto imageimageimage

  • This late notice on start times is really causing major problems. Is it possible for the organisers to post start times on the website or send out by email, rather than everyone having to wait for something to arrive in the post? This is a great race, but the last minute start info is giving everyone problems, I'm sure.

  • James, I must admit I'm massively pissed off, not helped by the fact an email a week ago asking for an approximate start time has been unanswered.

    I'm resigned to not being able to book cheap train tickets to travel from Hertfordshire so it will cost me far more than need be. Alternatively I just book the earliest train and a late train home now to get a bit of a saving and resign myself to waiting around, potentially for a few hours before the start. I'd toyed with coming up the night before and staying over and with hindsight wish I had.

    I know this is sounding like a rant, but as start times are staggered over 3 hours, informing with just a few days notice is pretty poor in my opinion. I know I'm probably travelling further than most but even so...

  • 2 Wheels, I probably shouldn't say this and am not authorised to do so but last year my circumstances changed and i needed to run 1 1/2 hours earlier than my assigned time.I just turned up and organisers let me run earlier absolutely no problem.

    I'm sure given your circumstances they would give you a concession and anyone else for that matter who has a genuine need to plan before the times come out.

  • Hi, does anyone know if this is walker friendly? 

  • Just one week to go eeek !

    Got up at 4.25 this morning and run 10.3 miles before work, must be mad image

    Got soaked, hope its dry so its not a mud fest next sat imageimage

    Rachel if you set off near the end of the staggared starts you will be OK, as the tow paths are narrow in places it can be hard to pass, but you should be fine.

  • Hi all, still haven't received my runner's pack image thought it would come in today's post with my number and starting time - anyone else got there's??

  • No pack here, still waiting.

  • Site has been updated saying packs are being sent out from 1st July.

    I haven't run this before. Does anyone know how many water points there are and it it's bottles or cups of water?


  • The bit on the website Home Page about a diversion has got me confused.

    When I ran along the whole course a couple of weeks ago (post 64 above) there was a short section "fenced off". But I saw someone coming the other way and they said - "it's O.K. just go round the edge of the barriers and the path is perfectly clear." That was quite correct. There was some evidence that there may have been a slippage of soil from the bank onto the path but it had all been cleared away and I just thought that the barriers would be removed shortly afterwards.

    Anyway I took a look down there today and the barriers are still there but they have been bent right back so might as well not be there at all.

    So I don't see why that section needs to be closed for the 6th July.

    If it's another section of the towpath altogether then there is no evidence of it at all as of today.


  • Hi Noel, last time it was cups.

    Mark, I would expect that the race organisers have to follow the offical line and if British Waterways say the path is closed then cannt disagree.


  • Chris

    Yes I do agree the organisers would have no choice.

    Since I don't even know for certain that this is the point where the diversion is required probably best if I button it now. I'm sure all will come clear when the information packs come out next week.


  • Cups? Shame as I prefer bottles so I can sip as I run, Can't run with a cup.

  • I am very much in agreement with the posts from James Williams and 2wheels. Not giving a start time with less than a week is ridiculous. I have a lot of things to plan, and still not having a first idea of when I'll be setting out is just not on.

    I'm doing a half every month this year, and I'm giving serious consideration to scraping this one and booking on to Cheshire half instead. Very unimpressed.

  • If the tow path is closed, and the route passes along roads and especially if the route crosses busy roads, then can the organisers run the event safely without closing the roads or having a system to block the road to allow runners to cross safely? Aldridge 10k for example is largely on open roads with a system to allow you to cross by the green.

  • Still accepting entries... Still no acknowledgement yet alone an answer to an email sent almost 2 weeks ago asking for an approximate start time.

    Surely they can't allocate the time spots until entries are closed and it seems an awful lot to do in virtually no time. The start packs and numbers must surely need to be out in the post Wednesday at the latest which gives the organisers one day? 

    So in the absence of any idea when I'm starting I've taken the plunge and booked transport for Friday evening and will find a cheap hotel in case my start is early. And I've booked a late train home Saturday in case I'm starting late. So I'm either wasting money on a hotel or hanging around for hours afterwards...

    Not impressed, it is only the previous years positive reviews and my keennees to revisit and run the course that has stopped me from making the decision to DNS.

  • I'm lucky 2wheels as I live in Wolverhampton, but I see your point.

    It must be very frustrating to have to travel a distance & not know when you'll be starting.

    If they weren't answering emails, you'd think someone would be keeping an eye on this thread. I thought one of the organisers was answering questions at the beginning of the thread.

    I hope things work out for you - good luck!

  • It is a worry that we have not had our packs yet, but I am sure it will be fine image.

    This will be my forth time running this one and I have had nothing but good experiences each time. 

    I too live in Brum so the travelling is not really a massive issue, but can appreciate that its a pain when you cant plan your arrival or exit without knowing your start time.

    Im am sure its just a case of last minute planning and it will all slot into place.

    It looks like its gonna be a hot day anyway image

    Noel I always carry my own bottle as I too am not a fan of cups.


  • S'pose I could always run with my bottle to sip from. Will last longer if I also take on a cup or two.

    What's the crack on dropping gel wrappers as it's along the canal & could blow anywhere?

  • When I have used them, I have timed it so I can chuck them when we get to the cup stations.

    But I tend to just bring a few fruit pastels these days (less hassle) image

  • MMMMmmmmmmmm.......fruit pastels. Good idea image

  • I am travelling up from Kent on Friday morning before the post arrives. Todays post has been and no pack. If its not here by Thursday what am I supposed to do. This really is cutting it very fine and is not impressive. Start time is not a major issue as I am staying in Birmingham on Friday & Saturday but entered this as I really fancied it as something a bit different. Sure it will work out ok but it is a concern. As an aside I have also been nursing a calf injury which hopefully will hold up but anyone know what arrangements are made if you have to drop out? A nice ride on a narrowboat would be good!    

  • That's an interesting question.

    I never considered how you're expected to get back if you're injured.

  • Hopefully details will be included in the race pack when it arrives

  • Hi - could someone tell me what the changing facilities are in Birmingham please? Are there showers available, or nearby somewhere? Thanks...

  • Kilomiler, last time it was showers in the NIA.


  • That's great, thanks

  • Start times are now on the race website. Better late than never. 

  • James, thanks for that image

    9.30 am start for me, well happy with that, wont be too hot !

    Last 12.5 miles done before the big day this morning image

    Rest and more more rest now.

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