Birmingham and Black Country Half-Marathon



  • With the predicted weather and introduction of some steep steps, I think i may have to revise down my expectations of time. Not going to be a PB course for sure.


  • I know what you mean Deb. It is going to be hot and very little shade, besides the tunnel.

    The path off the canal to follow the diversion isn't going to make it any easier.

    Good luck to you too image


  • BigAds - I wouldn't worry as it's never been known as a good PB course because it can be difficult to pass, the tunnel etc....

    I've been told the elite runners add 10 mins on for this course.


  • In that case just going to enjoy the event. Bit going to worry about time and just see how it goes. 

    Excrited now. Just waiting for work to finish so I can travel down to brum


    Glad that Deb mentioned the Metro as I guess there are some who will not know about it.

    It runs between the centre of Wolves and Snow Hill station in Bham.

    I think at least every 15mins on a Saturday and journey time is approx 35mins.

    I'll be using it for part of my journey.


  • Worst possible preparation for me. Injured my knee badly on a training run four weeks ago and it got infected and I was on antibiotics for a week. Total distance run since then: 2.5miles.

    I'm just going to drop my usual pace by a couple of minutes per mile and see how it goes. Fortunately I hadn't entered before the accident so my estimated finish time is fairly accurate and I hopefully won't have the  discouragement of hordes of runners going past me.


    statt0 wrote (see)

     the  discouragement of hordes of runners going past me.


    standard fare for me image


  • No need to get discouraged........just more people to say hi to image

  • Will say HI to all on this thread, been following it for weeks , but first time I have posted , coming up from Milton Keynes with another Marshall Milton Keynes runner , looking forward to this, my start time is 10.45 although I put down my half marathon time of  1.33, but just going to enjoy the day and a beer or two after. regards Geoff. ps have trail shoes but going for road shoes is this ok for course ?

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭

    Road shoes are fine.

  • ok thanks Graemek

  • The diversion is pretty simple - I live not to far away and know the 're-entry' point really well. It's a really good downhill!

    I'm going to be running in Vivobarefoots with zero drop so won't be going too fast downhill.

    What's really annoying about the closure is the fence has actually been down for weeks and people have been climbing over it - British Waterways could have easily moved this.

    The weather might be a factor today!

  • GraemeKGraemeK ✭✭✭

    Ran well until about 12 then got really dizzy and lightheaded. Marston's EPA in the malt house was nice.

  • Great event. Weather made it tough and the steps were a killer. Was flying along until 17.5k when my calf went. Shame as I was on for just on 2hrs but eventually finished in 2hr14min which is not too bad considering. 

    Will definitely be back next year to beat that time. 

    Only negative comments I can make are that the start times became irrelevant as everyone was just queuing at the start and it felt a bit lonely. Only really spoke to a few people on course. Great finish area though and a well deserved massage and drink at the end. 

  • Wow, so hot! Was aiming for about 2.10 because haven't been training much recently due to knee injury. Made it in 2.17 I think, happy with that due to weather and steps!! 

    Stange thing was my Garmin was off track for most of the race due to it not quite having signal when I started and then the tunel and another long bridge thing throwing it off. But at mile 11 it was bang on track with the mile marker, however once it said 13.1 the end just never seemed to come! At the end it measured 13.6! I know they can sometimes be off and the course measurements have to be accurate but that seemed like a long way off considering it was on track at mile 11. Did anyone else have this problem? Could it have been the detour not measured in properly? Did we run half a mile extra!? Or am I just hoping as that would make my time better....?

  • Well that was a bit warm !!!! image

    Steps couldnt be helped, added a bit of adventure.

    Havent got a clue what my time was, hope the people starting around 11ish finished ok as it was getting a bit warm.

    BigAds, the start has been better in the past, think they may of had a problem.




  • To be fair, the start wasn't an issue. Just a bit unorganised but ok. Was taken aback a bit though that as soon as you got through the gate you were off! 


  • Bit of a nightmare race for me. The knee held up pretty well until the steps, but climbing those it went, and I ended up having to walk probably 2/3rds of the last nine miles. Was hoping for a 2:20 allowing for the knee but ended up coming in around 2:41.

    The marshalls were all friendly and the course was lovely other than the diversion. I'll definitely be back next year because I feel like I've got unfinished business with the race and want to sub 2 it.

  • Managed a 2:12.

    I too was surprised start times seemed not to count in the end. Maye they were trying to get us under way because of the heat?

    The diversion was a killer and I managed to catch an old fella who slipped & helped him up the steps. The bridges weren't kind either.

    But all in all I enjoyed it image

  • I enjoyed today but found it hard with the steps, bridges and heat. My friend has run this 3 times before and 29 other half marathons and said he found this much harder. he also confirmed we had run an additional 0.5 miles due to the diversion. I was hoping to come in under 2 hours but with the steps, heat it was always going to be hard (and Glastonbury last week) Still I was quite happy with 2h10 in my second half given the conditions and extra half a mile, was tough but I had a great day, great event! I've never enjoyed a cold beer so much in my life afterwards.

  • Hi first time I have ran this and confused by the distance that we ran, I was using an iPhone and i was a whole mile extra at 14.5?! I know they can be slightly out but by this much and normally it is pretty accurate. Other than that it was a good run and hopefully will do again.

  • That was HOT!

    At 2.30 this morning I was dancing in a pub not overly sober after meeting a couople of friends for a quick beer - probably not the best idea I've ever had!

    Was hoping for 2.05 and managed 2.15, quite happy with that in those conditions. Goes without saying I struggled in the heat (particularly with the added hangover) but other than that an absolutely cracking event, loved the course, loved the tunnel - HATED the steps. Will definately be back.

    I started just before 11 and towards the end I was passing a lot of people that had started earlier than me that looked to be really struggling. I refilled my water at every opportunity and reckon I drank 3 litres during the event, feel for those who were just using cups and not carrying anything.

  • This was my 1st half and did it in 2.13, My garmin also said we went over distamce by .4 of a mile. Therefore im knocking 3 mins of my time. It was a very lonely run, but i cant see anyway of improving this. 

    As for the start all i can say is i hope the timing equipment went wrong because otherwise it was us runners not adhering to the allotted times for start. I was due off at 0915 and got off at 1000. Which can cause and issue when taking on fluids etc...

    All in all a good race. If them steps are in it next year.. i wont be they kill yaimage

  • I had the same issue with my iPhone, 14.1 miles, but it started playing up after the tunnel. So glad there were regular water stations with energy drinks.


    Had a great day though, will be back next year (by which time the steps will hopefully be a distant memory, that was harsh)

  • Not sure  which I was worse, the windy wet conditions last year or the hot ones this year.  Garmin says 13.6 and others has it longer. Maybe a good idea to have the instructions playing over speakers so people can lileave while waiting, and leave the organisers to concentrate on letting people get off.

  • My garmin said 12.8...

  • Loved this event and will be back in 2014, with more members of the 2 clubs in Milton Keynes that I am a member of , as I will praise it to the max . came home in 111th position in a time of 1.46.12 , clocked it at 13.60 on my Garmin, Well done to all involved organisers , supporters , Drink stations , marshalls. thank you all.

    ps loved the finish and and a lovely Cpl of beers in the Malt house.

  • 13.6 on my garmin too.

    Was way too hot for me so had a massive PW.

    Agree the start needs work as ended up waiting way too long and did not get off on scheduled time even though there early.

    Marshalls that saw en route were very supportive and the drink stations most welcome.  One lady even offered me her cheese bap image .

  • Despite concerns before this was a great race.  Marshalls were superb.

    Tunnel wasn't too dark - is it lighter on the right?  steps made me laugh and swear.



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