Birmingham and Black Country Half-Marathon



  • Well done all ~ My Garmin also said 13.6 (we cant all be wrong).

    Managed 2.13 (disappointed as PW for this course)

    The tunnel (with added shower facilities) was as bad as ever !  with the steps straight after what a killer, took me half a mile to settle back into my pace.  God I hope they are gone for next year image.

    Was shattered on Saturday (especially after a few vino's at the finish)

    Was a great day though as always image


  • This was my first half marathon, as with others I found it too hot to be an enjoyable experience.

    I came in at 2.35, although a young woman went down in front of me quite early on and not knowing where the next marshal was I ran back to find someone, so I'm guessing that I ran 14 miles.

    No major gripes, well organised, enough drink stations and plenty of people encouraging us on.

    Would definitely do it again. 

  • Other than the hanging around at the start (and no announcement of delays made to those waiting in Birmingham), it was... hot!


  • Is it official that it was further than 13.1? I did it in 1:51:19, but if it was further than 13.1, I was probably sub 1:50 which would cheer me up!!


  • Gmap pedometer suggests 13.5 ish.

  • Hi all -

    just back home from B'ham... had a good race despite the heat - but it was certainly longer than 13.1 as I did an average of 7:58 minutes per mile but came in in 2 hrs and 1 minute!! image That didn't feel fair - I tell you!


    Was nice running along the canal side but it did mean a noticeable lack of clapping supporters!! And Je wasn't it hot!! The other runners all seemed really friendly but I wasn't too impressed by the organisation - the start wasm't well organised and then you had to cross two more bridges for the goody bag... couldn't see why as there seemed to be plenty of space at the finish for it... ah well... and one more thing - did anyone get the t-shirt they said we would get???

    All in all do think I will do it again though as quite an unusual half...


  • Don't recall any talk of a tee shirt?

    A long shot, anyone find a Garmin chest strap? 

  • Neil Richards 23 wrote (see)

    I came in at 2.35, although a young woman went down in front of me quite early on



  • Think I must have been the only person in the race to PB this course at 2:22 (2:24 last year) despite the horrendous heat and having stitch/nausea all the way along... also did anyone else get so hot and dehydrated they ended up feeling disconnected with their bodies at points? haha! I'm hoping by the law of averages that seeng as the last  two have been polar oppositea in terms of weather that next year will be just right! image

  • I travelled up from kent and just intended to enjoy the run without worrying about pbs as I had been injured.  I loved the cammerrardie amongst people i was running with  trying to help each other as we struggled along. I have never been so happy to see a water station as the one at 9 miles and spent several minutes recovering there. my previous slowest half marathon was 1.57 and last week took me 2.31 due to injury/heat/lack of recent training. Notwithstanding that I really enjoyed the event and would love to come back to do it justice. The start was a bit chaotic though.  On the other hand the marshals were brilliant



  • I think I must have been one of the lucky few who managed to get the first few miles under my belt before the heat really kicked in.

    The tunnel was the most enjoyable part with the cool shower just what was needed, although the climb up the steps afterwards was hard and took its toll on my old knee injury, still playing up a week later image

    The water stations were perfectly placed, although the one at 12 miles couldn't come quickly enough.  Like everyone else's experience the race was long, my garmin had it as 13.56 miles, it would have been good if the organisors had told us this before the start, I started pushing harder in what I thought was the last 1/2 mile and was really hurting by the end, nearly a mile of pushing hard when already knackered is possibly the reason its taken me so long to recover...

    The last couple of miles were as tough as any I remember from previous races, that said coming in at 1:36 meant I was 5 minutes quicker than my last attempt at the run 3 years ago, so really cant complain. 

  • Any photos yet?

  • Yes -

    Not sure if there are any others anywhere else

  • Thanks for that.


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