Helsby half cancelled race - partial refund!

Anyone else had the email from the organisers re the partial refund less handling fee that are suppose to getting back? Curious as to your thoughts on it too.


  • I wasn't expecting it.... Let them give it to charity
  • Perfectly happy to donate mine too, the money would have gone to local charities anyway if the race had taken place.  Race entries are a leisure item really so if I'd needed the money I wouldn't have entered in the first place, so I don't need it back.

  • Fair play to them for doing it - I doubt they're obliged to, I expect the terms and conditions say that no refunds will be given in the event of a cancellation beyond their control like most other races do.

    Agreed, mine can go to charity also.

  • Yep, if its going to charity then they can keep it.

  • They put on a great race and it is just unlucky that it couldn't be run.

    I'm happy to let it go to charity too.

    OP what's your view ?
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