Hydration pack for my 1st marathon?

Just wonder is it silly to consider using my hydration packin a marathon,ok yes they have drinks stations but that way you have to drink the stuff they put out,thought could keep pack for energy drink and take water from stations,thought of fixing some Velcro to hold gels to shoulder straps. I trAin with the pack mostly to carry phone and keys ect,so Iam very used to it.


  • If the hydration pack works for you, why replace it with a haphazard drink station system, some water, some isotonic, not the one you're used to?  I once ran a marathon, mixed up  with a half and got to a drinks station that had run out!

  • What no never! Thanks,yer I kinda get used to wearing in now,can take easy sips when needed keeping me from having to carry drink in hand.
  • PS have a good one.

  • I have this belt thing, it holds two bottles, car keys and energy bars... It cost me less than a marathon entry and you can use it again and again.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If you are used to it in training then go for it. If you are going to fill the pack with energy drink then no need to use gels as well.
  • Thanks..

    Anything to take any added stress out,good..thought it made sence to stick to what I know...

    I've done quite a few halfs and now in marathon training,

    at 1st i was toying with the idea..which changed to totally respect the idea and anyone who does one..

    I've been training carefully,slowly and this time around doing things way better,I recover quicker.i normally run for 10 months then have 2 off and start over again,my friends and family think its funny..

    But Iam not done with this yet! I have unfinished matter to deal with..my marathon dream has to be delt with!

    Not booked one yet but want to do an autum one,Iam running 30 miles a week over about 5 days,just got to book and bloody get my brain round 26.2

    Eating really good food,thinking marathon,sleeping marathon....just got to do this thing.
  • How far are your lsrs?

  • At 11 building slowly each week

    ,looking at poss bmth marathon in oct,got bournemouth bay half in April.

    Last year I worked upto 16 miles.

    Monday fast 10 k

    Tues 4 miles hill/ interval

    We'd 8-10 steady pace,not slow but not quick

    Thurs ....rest or swimming

    Friday 30-40 mins easy

    Sat am lsr at 11 and building

    Sunday off
  • You don't want to run a marathon and fail. 

    You should do a 20 3-5 weeks before, if you are under 30 years old 3 weeks OK if you are 45+ 5 weeks.  You taper, so 2 - 1.5 weeks before you do 10-11 miles.

    To  get from 11 -20 miles is 8 - 16 weeks.  Once ever two weeks add 2 or 1 miles, on the other weekend do ten+ building to 13, do them quickly. 

    Minimum 11 weeks, (add 2 weeks per fortnight) assuming nothing goes wrong, better take it slowly so 21 weeks (1 mile per fortnight).  

    11 weeks is the end of May, which may be hot, but is a traditional time for mararthons.  For a first marathon steer clear of the multitude of off road/trail events that happen at this time of year.  They really are on a different level.

    21 weeks takes you to August (very few events).  However September/October there are loads of events.  My advice would be to go for one then.  Or maybe two, leave atleast 4 weeks between them.

    Anyway whatever you go for, enjoy... otherwise why do it?   But take it easy, an injury can knock you out completely for weeks... and set you back to square one.  Nightmare!

  • That's really great thank you... Better get calendar out!
  • so have i got this right..1 mile every 2weeks

    but one week building longer that the other


    week1 say for eg. (15)

    week2  ....10-13

    week3 add1 =(16)

    week4 10-13

    and so on

  • Yup, that's it. 

    Once a fortnight do your longer long run, building towards 20,(if you can go to 22 that'si deal).  The other Sunday you do 10, building to 13.

    On the short Sunday's throw in some hard paced running for a mile, two or even three, in half mile efforts, with half mile rests.  Mind you if that seems too much, don't worry, you'll be OK, this is about giving you pace and a boost when/if you need it.

    In the week at least two other sessions in the range 4 -7 miles, prefrably one speed work, builds your fitness and one hill session builds endurance.

    If you run the day after the lsr, keep it short and not too hard, recovery is important.

    Taper, that is reduce your mileage as you come up to your event.  depending on your age, older = longer tapper. 3-5 weeks.  So the longest run (20 - 22) takes place 4 weeks before, 3 weeksbefore 13, 2 weeks before 16/15 SLOW, 1 week before 10 SLOW, Then 4/5 days 3 miles. Then nothing.

    Eat pasta the nightbefore.  Bran flakes and banana on the day NO SUGAR.

    Good luck, leave it till September and make sure it goes right, where do you live, if you are North/Midlands I can suggest an event, maybe. 

  • PS  I do sit down with a calendar and work back frtom the event i want to do, how many miles my lsr is each weekend, I then throw in a couple of weeks extra, just in case.  work around family comitments, and sometimes it may get moved to a Friday or Monday.  The big thing is once you make the plan and enter the event, you are committed, you have to do the training runs on the calendar... no excuses.

  • Thanks Canute,that really helpfull!

    Ben powell4 thanks for the reply
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