Trail shoes

I'm new to the running game so I'm wanting some advice on trail shoes. Ill be running in heavy mud and water so would like something that drys quick but also provides good ankle support. Don't really want to spend more than ??50. Would appreciated any info


  • Sound like you're trying with the rough stuff. Why So?
  • (autocorrect) Sounds like you're starting with the rough stuff. Why so? (is what I meant to say.)
  • Never been a big fan of road running so signed up for pain barrier and tough mudder. Just can't wear the trusty asics in the mud
  • Thought so. I'd forget ankle support. Adizero xt's grip great a they're cheap to buy.
  • I'd look at adidas Kanadia too. Very cheap - good in mud and wash well. Also not too bad on most surfaces.
  • Ok cheers!
  • mizuno wave harrier... best I have ever run in off road (in particular in mud/water).  Forget ankle support - get off road and build up your own ankle support. image

  • agree with the above, if you have a little more to spend, perhaps look at inov8 or salomon shoes, 

    word of warning if you want kanadia's from adidas, try some on, i'm an 11 in most shoes, (11.5 running shoes) and most brands are within a half size, when i tried kanadias on i only JUST fit insode a 12.5 and with thicker socks they would have been uncomfortably small. they are notoriously small.

  • +1 for Adizero's I use them off road and for races that are both off and road surface combined and they work great.

    Got mine from pro direct sport



  • And correctimundo on going a size up with the Adidas.

    You know, they really nailed it with those shoes.
  • I like my asics fujies.  Comfortable, responsive, grippy. Apart from the crazy red and orange colour scheme. 

  • +1 on the Asics Fuji, plenty of grip and comfy to wear.

  • I have a pair of Kanadias and a pair of More Mile Cheviots.

    The Cheviots can be had for £25 and size up as normal. The Kanadias do size up a bit small.

    The Cheviots feel heavier-duty than the Kanadias. But I haven't used either in anger yet so can't comment further.

  • I've gone for the Kanadia tr5, only ??38. Hopefully arrive for the weekend. Ha I've tried everything for the chocolate ankle but after spending the last years trying to strengthen it I think I'll just strap it up!
  • What happened to your ankle Martyn?
  • Torn ligaments then been over on it about 3 times since, last time resulted in no exercise for 4 months and a black foot for 6 weeks.
  • Ow. I'm guessing you've seen a physio and have exercises to strengthen it, but If you haven't, then I'd recommend it.
  • If your looking for good ankle support in an off-road shoe Martynn you shouldn`t of bought those Kanadias, they sit high of the ground, have a high heel/toe differential and the soles are quite stiff so your ankles will be taking all the abuse if your ever running over rough/bumpy ground...





  • Try a wobble board to help with the ankle. Mine was also rubbish but it's got better after using the board.
  • I got Kanadias for Xmas this year. Never wore trail shoes or really did much offroading before. Had sore ankles after their first few outings, then strengthened up very quickly and found them fine after that. They DO wash well - come up looking almost brand new after each wash. Unfortunately mine fell apart after just six or seven weeks of use - sole parted company from the upper just forward of the arches on both shoes and so I'm taking them back to the shop today to grumble. Have spoken to many people who've had many pairs and no problems so maybe I just got a dodgy pair...

  • Could the fact that they fell apart be related to the fact that you kept washing them?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Muttley has said just what I was thinking.

    I do sometimes put my shoes through the wash but am prepared that they may not be the same again so only do it when absolutely necessary or if they are old anyway.
  • But more generally ... washing your running shoes and especially trail shoes is deviant behaviour imho ...

  • Oh, I didn't put them through the washing machine. God forbid! I rinsed them off in warm water and allowed to dry slowly. As per manufacturers instructions. And I'd NEVER wash off road shoes. Ruins them!

    Anyway, the shop I got them from agreed they were defective and exchanged them for me without quibbling. Nice people. Didn't have another pair of Kanadias in my size so I came away with a nice pair of Wave Harriers that were in the sale image

  • Aah I rinsed off my Kanadias again last night. They've probably dissolved by now.

    TBH I cant see that water can be bad for them seeing as they spend most of their life splashing through mud and puddles.

    You can get rogue shoes from any make - I know the insole in one of my Sauconys rumpled up inside - but they replaced them no quibbles and its never happened again. Oh yes - so the Saucony Progrid Jazz trail shoe I find exceptionally good. Its not as grippy as the Kanadias - so maybe better for the summer - but they last a long time.
  • Used them today for the first time, performed well in mud and water, hard on flat surfaces but they aren't made for that so can't complain. I just strapped my ankle up and they felt fine, surprised how light they were.
  • Muttley wrote (see)

    But more generally ... washing your running shoes and especially trail shoes is deviant behaviour imho ...

    You`ve obviously never seen the state of my shoes after a muddy run Mutley, sometimes I have to scrape the stuff off just to get to the laces.. If I didn`t wash them pronto they`d stink the place out...    image

  • I have a tendendancy to underpronate, and have orthotics to stabilize this.  I liked the look of the Kanadia tr5 off road shoes, and they were comfy albeit needing a whole size bigger to fit! However I notice they have quite a pronounced cut away to the outside of the heel strike. Why is this? Surely its not going to do an underpronater any good as thats where I wear away my soles more anyway!  Can anyone recommend a good shoe for me please? Thanks

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