full potential training plans

when i started running in jan , after a reasonable fitness level already, i had an idea to run the 1/2 M in march, well the ice, snow and naivety changed that as i realised i hadn't trained long enough or well enough to do the event any justice that i'd be proud of

i decided on focusing 10k first, since jan i have been running 4x week and do other activities , such as boot camps, swimming couple times a month and cycle , as i did these anyway , my running has improved and my 5k parkrun times have gone from 33 mins to 28 

my longer runs i can now do 8 miles , i feel i can do more, but gradually been increasing , not wanting to over do it 

i got a code for a free plan from full potential which i used to get a 10k plan in 8 weeks, it seems achievable,  i am hoping for a time of 55 mins

there are lots of interval type things in the training, like run 3 mins,  jog 2 etc, which i don't do, i just run , i guess the intervals etc are to help improve speed  and stamina , makes sense

last time i tried to run faster i got really worn out fast ! 

the plan has 5 days with 2 days rest, 3 of the on days are in blue, the other 2 are grey , i wondered if they were optional and the blue were priority must be included, its didn't explain itself well, it was free so not a complaint as such, just confusing 

any one used their plans before ? or opinions? 

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