Knee Injury?

Hi all,

I'm quite new to these forums, and running in general. I started running last year and did my first 10k in October, followed by my first half marathon a couple weeks ago (generally a 10-10:30 pace). I'm following a plan of 3 runs a week (one short, one medium, one long) with the goal of running Brighton marathon in April.

I did my latest long slow run yesterday afternoon - 14 miles (at around an 11-min pace). Since then I've had a sharp, almost bruise-like pain in my left knee, every time I put weight on it when it's bent (e.g. sitting down, going up/down stairs, etc.) I applied some anti-inflammatory gel but the knee isn't sore to the touch - it's more of an internal thing. I've had some slight niggles in my knees/ankles over my past couple of longer runs, but the discomfort has never lasted once the run ends.

Does anyone know what I might have done to it!?

Thanks in advance!


  • Not me sorry.  You sound to be describing something I've experienced, but that went away in a week or two.  Good luck..  hope someone else can help.

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