Some basic advice; how to run longer, what to eat and decent running shoes.

Hello, I have some questions; three to be precise and here they are:

1. I have been running for the past two weeks to get fitter and found that I cannot run for very long due to pain in my legs. I normally push past this, and because of it I have been steadily getting longer runs. When should I have a rest day from exercise (I run weekday morning's mon-friday before school/college)?

2.Although I have been running for two weeks I don't do any sufficant dietary advice, since what I find on-line and in magazines, there are so many different varients and Idea's. I would like someone to tell me something basic and effective.

3. I have bought some K-Swiss running shoes, and they feel comfortable whenever I run. How can I preserve them for longer, and could someone specify some other decent brands.

Any responses would be deeply appreciated.

Thank You for your time.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    1. Run slower, run less often to give your leg muscles (and bones) time to adapt to the impact of running.  Try running 3x per week for the first month, then 4x per week for the month after.  Run two of your runs slowly, and the third run at whatever pace you want.  Make it part of the plan to extend one of your slower runs by 10% per week.

    2. Don't worry too much about nutrition for you running, it doesn't have a significant effect until you are running over 2 hours in a session.  Just eat healthily, reducing the amount of processed food (i.e. ready meals/fast food) and increasing fruit & veg.

    3. Have a look at the "RW shopping partners" listed on the right-hand side of this web site for details about other brands. Everyones' feet are different, and everyones' running style is different - therefore the shoe that is best for me is unlikely to be the best shoe for you.  If in doubt, visti your nearest specialist running shop (i.e. not a high street sports wear shop like Sports Direct etc) for them to perform a gait analysis.   

  • 1. Don't run on consecutive days, I only run 3 times a week and cross train on other days.  Try cycling or swimming and add in some resistance/strength training. This will pay dividends especially in military training where you have to do all sorts of lifting and carrying as well as running.

    2. Eat healthily.

    3. Go to a running shop such as Sweatshop and get your shoes properly fitted. This is the most important piece of kit for a runner.

    Most importantly enjoy yor training and good luck with the RN!

  •   What they said.


      Up your weekly mileage following the 10% rule, but back off every third or fourth week to give yourself some recovery time. For example, if you do a slow 5 miles in week one and a slow 5.5 miles in week two, do a slow 4 miles in week three; then rinse and repeat - 6 miles in week four, then 7, then 5, etc.

      This strategy will serve you well no matter how far you want to run.

  • See the trendy K Swiss pub shoes? See the bin?

    Get properly selected shoes from a running shop.

    My nephew is serving on board HMS Monmouth. It's well worth all the effort when you leave Raleigh after basic.
  • I am reading 'Eat and Run' by Scott Jurek. He is a bit of a nutter, it has to be said, but he is also a world class ultra-runner. He believes that vegan is the way to go, well he could convince Desperate Dan to go vegan before me but I have still found the book interesting. I would recommend it both as a good read, a source of information and ideas. But one piece of advice, just eat normally! Going for the odd run does not mean you can eat what you like and not put on weight or mean that you need extra stuff like vitamins, protein powder, 'sports' drinks etc. I find it is all too easy to reward myself for training and pile on the weight.

    Secondly, learn how to run! In particular learn about heel striking and fore foot running. A good book for this is 'The art of running faster' by Julian Goater. But generally, do not over do it and get a proper pair of shoes from a proper running shop!

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    You may want to also pick up some running socks, as they can help against blisters & what not.  Personally I find my 2 layer running socks nicer to run in than other regular socks - but it's probably a preference thing.

    Also when I started running I found joining a "learn to run" club really useful, not only for my running habits but also for the community feel you get alongside it. You should be able to find details of any around you at your local running specialist store.

  • Thank you for all of your replies, and each and every single one of them is greatly appreciated. Just to say something this was actually my first forum question and after all, of these great replies I may ask for the input of other people than go by what I find on the internet. Again, thank you everyone.

    I have a question regarding the books that I could buy, and am wondering if they will help me in terms of being able to run better.

    In reply to "stutyr's" comment "Try running 3x per week for the first month, then 4x per week for the month after. Run two of your runs slowly, and the third run at whatever pace you want. Make it part of the plan to extend one of your slower runs by 10% per week.” would It be better to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I could do a slower run on Monday and Wednesday, and run quicker on Fridays - then every Monday after try and extend that run. Due to the days in-between, that would give me sufficient recovery time wouldn't it.

    Also thanks to “Stujones” reply about joining a running club, I think it would be a good idea to start with a club, so I will try and find one. I’m not sure about the socks though, since the ones I wear are quite thick and comfortable anyway, so I got no issue’s there.

    Again thank you for your replies and anymore would be appreciated.



  • Also thank you "Elizabeth Dix4" for your feedback, I am going to integrate both Swimming and cycling into my exercise days (probably on weekends though).

    Again thanks for everyones reply's.

  •   Hi Gareth,

      The quick run should probably be a short one (to build form and speed), while one of the slow runs should be longer than the rest (to build strength and endurance). The long one will be the most taxing, so perhaps you should think of doing this one on the Friday to give you two days of recovery at the end of the week.

      Above all, listen to your body. I've been running seriously for ten weeks (training for my first marathon) and this is the part I find hardest. If you feel rubbish, give yourself a day off. The key to good training is consistency, and being sensible so you don't not get injured!

      Happy trails. image

  • Good idea "perezoso", I think I will try what you have said. It does make sense to run the longer run on Friday for the longer recovery.

    Right so on Monday and Wednesday the "slow" run and on Fridays the "fast" run.

    Thanks for your input.

    Furthermore, thank you everyone who replied and I now feel I have learned and collected enough info to begin running efficiently. Once more, thank you everyone.

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