long run advise

Sorry for the story

I have entered half marathon so increasing my runs to be ready.

prior to this, I run fairly regularly but only 3-6 miles usually over a country park.

so over the past weeks I increased weekly distance at weekend by 1 miles 7,8,9,10  no problems although slow to recover on 9-10 miles.

next week  run 11 miles was ok  then hrs later developed heel issue pain in outer (felt like bruising of heel bone) left this around one week until no pain walking and tried short run felt ok).

Bought new trainers as I felt they may have been cause as old ones  felt a bit soft in heel.

Thought I'd run 9-10miles to try it.

Heel was ok

However was ok for 7 miles then at 8 miles got knee pain and had to stop running shortly after as it cramped up my right lower leg.

I then rested all week from running (although did try a couple of spin classes to keep fitness) and it felt ok at the weekend.

I then run yesterday and tried to run at controlled pace bit slower and it was ok for 9 miles but the last few miles I could feel my knee a bit.

Once I stopped it has again beeen giving me a bit of pain walking

Pain is inside of top right knee its not terrible feels almost like its bruised.

If I push hard it feels like the tendon runs up from there


Is this the sort of thing you have to put up with on long runs or do I have a issue?

Only every time I run a longer run I can't run for 1 week which sort of seems to be a bit pointless image getting a bit frustrated now

I have run 1 half marathon a year for past 2 years usually in march so alway start increasing mileage start of january -every year I seem to get the same issues where I end up with really limited running training


Any advise would be appreciated











  • Sorry if you have, but have you tried taking this to the doctors? They can refer you to physio/knee clinic/whatever they think is appropriate - just ask them to refer you on if they can't give you a straight answer.

  • I did last year and his advise was close to  (if it hurts don't run) or run less he didn't offer me any options.


  • Demand some. Just ask him to refer you as the problem is persisting.

    I say this like it's easy but if you're anything like me I know its tough - I become a complete wimp in a doctors office. But you have to try and be strong and get the treatment you need.

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