Fuller's Thames Towpath Ten

I'm planning on doing this, anyone else? A couple of friends did it last year and really enjoyed it


  • I just entered this and passed it on to my work running club members; it looks great!

  • How easy is to get to from Wimbledon ?


  • Peter Sammons wrote (see)

    How easy is to get to from Wimbledon ?


    There is a train from Putney to Chiswick, but more likely to be easier on a bus anyway. Richmond to Hammersmith (190) goes past there.

    I do it every year as it is a local race for me. You get a free pint glass as memento of which I have a few now.

  • Is there anything in the glass..? I'm new to this race



  • This looks great. I'm doing Hastings half on Sunday and so will be a good follow up
  • Always a great race. As Lars notes the pint glass is a much better momento than a XL shirt.

    As on a footpath for some of the run don't expect PBS (or clean trainers) but is flat and well organised and definitely a great local race to support rather than Luntos Kingston 16 cash cow.

    Always looked forward to this race.
  • No booze in the pint glass I'm afraid
  • aw that's a shameimage

    a can of London Pride was in an Ealing HM goody bag - I thought it was an excellent idea.

    I agree re: Kingston 16 or 8 miler - if you choose the shorter distance you're expected to pay 26.50. Probably the most expensive 8 miles in the world.

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