BHF - Tower of London Run 2013 10K

I want to do this but the time on the RW events page differs from the BHF website which isn't great for people with 9-5 jobs


  • Last year you could start running any time up until 7pm (they didn't have a cut off time but most people were done by 8.30)

  • Oh that's fab! I can definitely be there before 7pm so that's perfect. Thanks xine267 image

  • so do you just rock up anytime before 7pm and start running, or do they set people off in waves?

  • No probs image

    AgentGinger - you just rock up anytime (well, from when it starts which I think is about 4pm). It's a loop of just under 1km, so you can do as many or few laps as you want. It's a pretty relaxed event!

  • I'm in for this - a perfect antidote after a days workimage

  • Oh so you don't even have to do 10K cos 1 x 10 laps isn't sounding too appealing to be honest

  • Does anyone know how they time your run. 

    How would they know if you're running 3KM or 10KM for example?

    Do they ask you the distance you want to run before the race?

  • presumably it's chipped timing, if so they will know your time and distance from the chip.

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