Talkback: A good start: Pre-race breakfasts

I am training for the Greater Manchester Marathon on 28th April. This will be my first ever Marathon and have only raced 10k's in the past. I am following the training plan and am up to 15-16 miles on my long run. I tend to do my long run very early in the mornings and sometimes run 15 miles to work at 5 a.m. I just wondered if you could suggest what (if anything) and when I should eat before? Have you any tips on keeping up energy levels in the last 2-3 miles?


  • Hiya! I am doing the manchester marathon on the 28th too! Only up to 11 miles so far but doing my first 16 this weekend and dedicating the next too months of weekends to make up for it! it is my first time too image
  • Hey all i am also running my first marathon (manchester) have ran the last 4 or 5 bupa manchester 10k runs my quickest time was 41 min I.started training properly for the marathon in december,completed a half marathon about 2 weeks ago but am running about 25 to 30 miles a week,although my last 3 runs since friday have totalled around 25 miles,i try to eat lots of pasta and porridge,toast for breakfast.really looking foward to the Manchester Marathon,I was really focused on pushing myself but after talking to others who have run Marathons some have told me to get as many long runs in as possible at a slow pace.

  • Yeah once we are out running, i will get through it, have done quite a bit lately had 1 rest day in the last 2 weeks. I did a little warm.down today as the weather was good but my legs were in agony so think a day or 2 rest might help as don't want to burn myself out, get a little obsessed though image
  • just had 2 days off so going down to my local club tonight to do some speed sessions.


  • Hi, I am running my first Marathon in the first ever PlusNet Yorkshire Marathon on the 20th October and can`t wait. Just over 2 weeks to go, however Is it too late to start experimenting with Gels?


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