Blackpool Marathon 7th April

S3200HS3200H ✭✭✭

Hi, I am not now able to enter, so if anybody would like a free place let me know.  I have been in contact and they say you can collect my number on the 6th or 7th April and then take it to registration to get the name changed Marathon - RIS.pdf




  • I'll gladly take it from you! How do I go about doing this?

  • S3200HS3200H ✭✭✭
    Hi Rachel. Pm your email address and I will send you the details tomorrow.

    Cheers Steve
  • S3200HS3200H ✭✭✭

    She has not got back to me, so place still available if anybody wants it


  • Hi is the place still available?
  • Is it the half or full marathon?
  • S3200HS3200H ✭✭✭

    Sorry Paul the place has gone



  • s32ooh


    We need to be notified of the name change, male to male, male to female, female to male to make sure the chips are programmed accordingly. No notification of a name change could invalidate the entry/result   We ask for this help as a matter of urgency. email

  • I was the happy recipient of this place and have done all the official changing with Lewis at race HQ, so everything is in order.

    looking forward to it now.

  • A shout out for anyone who may have or may know of someone who has a number going begging for the full marathon. My mate who I have been training with has left his entry till a few days ago thinking places were unlimited, well thats what it said on one of the sites! We have both trained for 4/5 months for our debut marathon and have both raised money for charity so is desperate to run! Is willing to pay full entry price.

    Good luck to everyone on the day hopefully the wind won't be howling!

  • Do we pick up our numbers and chips from the football club?

  • yeah thats right, reg is also form foofball club, 10am till 4pm on the 6th and from 7am on the race morning

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