Where are you taking the kids on holidays?

Times have been tight over the past few years, but this Summer I've got some money aside to take the family abroad on holiday! Nothing flash, a beach, some waterparks and a generally nice atmosphere with warm weather in abundance. I'm thinking Meditteranean so we've got some warm water and I could go all inclusive or could go to a camping park. 

Anyone got any bright ideas? 


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  • alcudia in north Mallorca is cheap, family friendly, has a waterpark, gokart, beach with activities etc and no clubs so the rowdy crowds of magaluf etc wont be annoying you. great if you ahve kids upto 12 or 13 i'd say, 

    above that palma further south on the island is probably a better choice, 

    Imo, tenerife is worth the extra coin but stay in los christianos not playa-de-las-americas, its gone downhill in recent years and LC is a nicer resort, the waterparks are just a bus ride from both.

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