Fitted new trainers helped shin splint but sole of foot killing :-(

I have recently started running and was suffering with pain on the inside of my calf, from looking online it seemed to be shin splints so I decided to go to a running shop and get fitted for trainers to see if this helps as the trainers I was wearing were from sports direct and I didnt wasn't sure how good the fitting was.


I went to a running shop where they video recorded me running so they could see my feet position and gave me several shoes to try on.  I selected the ones that felt nice and went home,  Well I have now done 5 runs in the trainers but the sole of my feet kills when I am running (fine when I am walking, unless I have just finished runnning then they hurt for 1 min or so). They do seem to have stopped my foot rolling to the side though.

Is this a case of wearing them in or should new running trainers feel fine straight away?


  • Think it's just a case of wearing them in, I use the same trainer, same brand just the next model and everytime I get issues until there worn in. In fact I now buy them a month or so before I actually need them and wear them out walking or around the house just to break them in before running in them.
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