Compartment syndrome anyone?

Anyone suffered/suffering from comparment syndrom in the lower limb/outside of shin? Any advice or tips would be greatly, greatly appreciated as I have been dealing with this for the past few weeks and it is only very very slowly improving! 


  • Hi

    I am in the same position - been suffering with severe pain in my right shin and now to an extent my left, basically resorted to doing no cardio as even walking is very painful.  NHS have been completely useless, everyone i have seen is saying its compartment syndrome, and after reading loads about it, the pain is so specific that im sure it is it - but i can't seem to find anywhere that will do the pressure tests on the NHS, have you had any luck? - my hospital doesn't even seem to know who does it in the London/Herts/Bucks area (obviously there are private options, but i can't afford the sugery privately) any advice would be appreciated. 


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