Normal pains?

Hi All,

I started running last summer and had a decent level of fitness and training towards a half ..... until i broke my ribs just before Christmas.

Yesterday was my first run after 10 weeks of doing nothing (the main thing is I survived!) and I'm following the BUPA beginner 10 mile programme.  No pains while or after immediately running but woke up this morning and my right heel is sore.  Not a sharp stabby pain but enough for me to try and keep my weight off f it.

I had no issues previously when i was running up to 10 miles and nothing has changed ie same trainers.  Do you think this is just a normal getting back in to it type pain?  I wanted to take my training slowly to avoid injury as i really missed it during the 10 weeks off so I hoping this is just one of those breaking back into it niggles.

It would be great to know your thoughts!



  • the best scenario is that it's temporary and you won't know that until after your next run

    the worst scenario is that it's plantar fasciitis (PF) which gives symptoms as you describe (heel pain 1st thing in the morning but fine when running) but it could quite easily be something else such as an achilles problem.  these things can appear out of the blue even with experienced runners.

    you need to isolate where the pain is - if it's under the heel on the pad at the foot rear, that my be PF; if it's above the heel it's possibly an achilles problem.

    either way, see what it's like after your next run and if it's still there go seek advice from either the GP (who can be useless diagnosing running injuries if they aren't runners) or a physio with experience of running issues.   

    sadly if it is PF it can take some time to get over that - I suffered most of last year. catch it early and do the recommended exercises and you may be lucky and have a short episode

  • Gah!

    I have just done a quick Google search and currently sitting at my desk doing some excercises - it definately does sound like PF....!

    Hopefully i can nip it in the bud quickly - i was so happy to be out and running last night after the time off i've had!  I will see what its like after my next run and book in with a physio if theres still pain.  

    I was being smug as i did start to suffer with shin splints and so bought compression wraps which seemed to do the trick -  I thought I'd beaten the injuries!

    Thank you for your reply - very helpful


  • just because it sounds like PF and a "Google diagnosis" is also pointing in that direction, doesn't mean it is!  but that heel pain 1st thing when you stand up from bed is probably the most important indicator it is - very little else gives that.

    see how the next run goes and then decide.  PF is a right bugger to sort out

    good luck

  • Hopefully it is just a niggle!  Did you continue running once you were diagnosed?

  • I tried but it was a pretty lost cause - I thought I was over the worst, go for a run, and back it came.   

    a combination of a number of factors helped - wearing decent shoes during the day rather than my default barefoot, doing exercises, not running so much but taping when I did run, and finally changing running shoes.  I tried to change from being a heelstriker to forefoot strike to keep the weight off the heel but that caused pain elsewhere.  the running shoe change has been the main aid - Hoka One Ones (google them).  I still get some heel discomfort after a long run - I'm up to 2.5hrs now as I'm mararthon training but I make sure I tape up and stretch after.  It's much more manageable but I still have to be cautious.

    hopefully yours will just be a niggle or if PF, short term. 

  • Thanks so much for your help.  I'm planning a run tomorrow night so will see how it goes.  Fingers crossed its just the shock of doing some exercise!

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