A lot of people must encounter this problem when running. I do wear a barrier cream but sometimes still get bad chaffing. I also try to wear tight under pants under my shorts to restrict movement but find that the seems sometimes cause the chaffing.

Can anyone recommend any good under shorts or cream that really works to stop this as my son also suffers with it.



  • My other half swears by vaseline - but if you're sharing a tub, no double dipping...!!!  image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Don't wear underpants under your running shorts.  If your running shorts don't have liners, you need to buy some that do.

    PS  I've assumed you meant chafing (as someone is bound to point out the mis-spelling). 

    Its worth using a cream on the parts that are prone to chafing (as you mentioned), bodyglide seems to be one of the favoured products, and vaseline is the old standard.

  • Hey Paul. I've stopped wearing shorts except on longer runs, as my chafing was being caused by my (lowe alpine) pants. Handfuls of Vaseline around the offending area/s helps me on longer runs. And chamois cream, often seen in cycling shops is expensive but brilliant. I've also tried Nike compression underwear, which didn't chafe me nearly as badly as others.

    Good luck.
  • Bodyglide is very good.  Seems expensive, but it lasts for ages and ages.


  • M&S Microskin pants are brilliant. But they are occasionally absent from smaller stores and they're also quite pricey.

  • If the chafing is legs rubbing together, just buy some compression shorts or thinner cycling shorts type thing.

    Had the Eureka moment and have always done long runs in them since.

  • hahahahaha some great answers and sorry about the mis-spelling hahaha. Beth and Maxs Mum are you sure you are not on the wrong forum hahahahahahaha x

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