CT/MRI Scans

I want a scan on my lower body. I'm in a lot of constant pain but my doctor refuses to send me. Where can I go to get a scan privately that won't cost the earth?


  • Hi Anna

    I would ask to see another doctor! I'd been having back pain on and off for years, and last year I ended up with severe stabbing pains in my left buttock which I thought might be sciatica.  I asked my GP to refer me for physio, but because there was a 3 month waiting list on the NHS, I paid to see someone privately and I was told I had weak glutes.  The initial treatment helped a little, but then I was still getting the stabbing pains, and I'd stopped running for 3 months.  I went back to my GP and said the pain had been going on long enough and I wanted a scan.  She referred me straight away, and I was seen within 6-7 weeks.  My scan revealed a bulging disc. I just wish I'd asked for a scan sooner!

    My advice is don't be put off - keep pushing for a scan, and don't take no for an answer!

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