Madrid Rock'n'Roll Marathon 2013

Hi all!

I am about to undertake the Silverstone Half Marathon on Sunday in training for the Madrid Rock'n'Roll Marathon on 28th April.  If possible, could anyone give me some hints and tips about what to expect?  I am aware it is a pretty high altitude race, and quite hilly...does anyone know how many starters actually make it across the finish line?

Also - any recommendations on good places to stay would also be appreciated image 



  • Ruth

    It was my first mara two years ago and I absolutely loved it. I don't think Madrid is high enough for the altitude to have an effect (300m?) and I didn't find it particularily hilly. The last 6 miles are on a bit of an incline which is not what you need at that stage but other than that it's fine... It can be quite warm in Madrid in April so it's something to consider and possibly adjust your target time if it's particularily hot.

    I stayed with friends so can't really comment on accomodation.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • Hi Ruth

    It is a nice course, 2nd half nicer than the first in my view.. I did it last year and weather was lovely, mid 60sF or thereabouts. It's not flat by any means but nothing very steep, apart from a very short bit just outside the Retiro after about 40km image The incline at the end lasts about 4 miles in all - nicely done course planners! One tip - it was clearly stated in the instructions, but I somehow didn't realise that the bag drop is in Retiro (the park where the finish is), which is a good mile or more from the start.. so give yourself plenty of time to drop your bag off. Made for a good warmup for me, running from the start to bag drop and back again!

    I stayed in an NH somewhere near the start, they are usually pretty reliable.

    Good luck!

  • Ruth - I'm also heading over for this, with three other "runners" (participants) and our other halves.  We found it cheaper to hire an apartment.

    Good luck and here's hoping the climbs, alititude and heat described on some websites are just fallacies.

  • Bokster's comment about the bag drop is incorrect this year, there are apparently numbered lorries parked in the Plaza de Cibeles (about a 5min walk from the start line - usually). You can apparently ONLY drop off the bag they give you when you pick up your number, they won't accept backpacks or whatever. They'll put a sticker on the back of your race number, the first digit is the number of the lorry. You'll need the sticker to pick your bag back up.

    And here's hoping it's not too hot, it certainly is today...




  • Hi,

      There's a few of us looking to enter this in 2014 and I've just noticed in the T's & C's that you need to hold a valid "RFEA Spanish Federation" card at the time of the event (presumably it's the Spanish version of the England Athletics cards).

    It's mentioned in art.5 here:

    Do you know if this is enforced and if so, where did you get yours from?

    any help appreciated


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