Energy depletion / training problem

I had been training well for the Zurich marathon until about 2 weeks ago and now it has all gone pear shaped very fast and I don't know why.

I did my usual long run and was scheduled for 18 M and crashed at 12, struggled to the train station at 15M. The next day I couldn't run, same the day after -it was like I had totally run our of gas.

After a couple of days off, I did 3M slowly, then 6 and then tried another flat and vanilla long...died at 10M. I seem to be able to run, just seem to konk out and I really do die- it is hitting the wall big time.

If I talk to my GP I know that he will just say can run 10m enjoy that...that kind of guy.

The frustrating thing is that I have no idea why I cannot run, I had been happily doing 50M a week, my Yazzo's were good although I had found it hard to do a tempo run and stay at 80% for the last few weeks.

I have been eating well, hydrating well..

I am not speedy, mainly enjoy running, aiming for under 4hours in the marathon. No-one else I knows runs, so look at me as if I am from Mars when I describe my problems. I am 45, hypothyroid -got it the levels checked in case.

I had a similar thing a year ago -but was diagnosed hypothyroid and now take thyroxine, all has been great since then and I felt good and proud of getting back into things.

Now, I feel like ---- and am 6 weeks away from the marathon.

Please do not tell me to stop, slow down..fine,, will go potty. I always run outside (live in Switzerland, running heaven) and it keeps me sane.

But I have no idea what to do and the idea of cancelling Zurich is depressing.

Any ideas, PLEASE?



  • You say you're eating well, but are you taking on any food/gels during your long runs? If not, now's the time to start experimenting. You should also be thinking about refuelling immediately after your long runs (in the first 15 minutes after you stop) as that's the time your body will absorb carbs most efficiently. A mixture Of carbs and protein is good - maybe a peanut butter sandwich or a chocolate milk. Then have a proper meal within the next few hours. It could be that your marathon training is wearing you down - a couple of days rest might help. And if none of that helps, maybe go back to your GP in case you need a change in your medication. Good luck.
  • I have a gel, every 5-6M and when home peanut butter on rye bread.

    Gels are foul...maybe I can try something else?




  • OK, fair enough image . Have you tried Shotbloks? They're like cubes of jelly - not quite as nasty as gels, and also less messy.
  • How about a week of total rest - bearing in mind this will not negatively impact your training by much even assuming you were well but it could make a massive difference.


    Just a thought - and only because 2 other people I know have been diagnosed with this recently -- are you veggie or do you avoid meat - are you getting enough B12.

    Lack of B12 can lead to a very debilitating form of anaemia and it's not always the first thing docs check for in blood tests.

  • I can try. I do not eat much meat, def not red meat. I am 'almost' veggie.

    Will check.

    Many thanks

  • What paces have you been running at ?

    Sounds to me just like you've done too much and need a rest ?

    I'd not write off Zurich just yet.
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