Sudden knee pain during run

Hi all,

Just come back from a 12.5K run.  Nothing special, just a couple of small hills about halfway round.  About 1.5Km from the end of the run, I experienced a sudden shooting pain in my left knee as I lifted my leg.  It felt like the knee had locked, and when I planted my foot, the knee gave way a little.  I slowed down to a gentle trot, and the pain eased as the knee freed up again.  I then gently picked up the pace for the next 300m with no ill effects.  It was a little tender for the last strech, but nothing I hadn't experienced before.  I did my usual streching routine when I returned with no major pain in my knee. 

I applied compression bandage, and a gel pack from the freezer for about 40 minutes.  Now the joint is stiffening up, and I have pain down the outside of my knee on bending.  

I did a gentle 5.5K yesterday with absolutely no problem.  I haven't done anything out of the ordinary on this evenings run.  No increase in pace, no change in road surface, no change in running gait or increase in leg turnover.  Just straight and level ground when it happened, which makes it all the more shocking.

I am quite miffed, as I am scheduled to do my first Half Marathon in just over 2 weeks.  That is now looking very doubtful.  If this is as serious as I think it may be, my 10K in April may also be in doubt. 

I'll see how it feels in the morning.


  • Well, I gave it 48 hours of rest, with plenty of compression and Ibuprofen gel.  Decided to go for an exprloritory run to see how it felt.  Not overly impressed to be honest.

    I went for my usual 5k road route wearing a light compression bandage on the offending joint. Just a plod (0:28:10).  First 3.5k was fine.  No pain at all, not even a twinge.  I resisted the temptation to pick up the pace for the last 1.5k, which is very difficult for me, as I am very prone to finish line fever.

    About 1.4k from home I felt the first little twinge.  Then after about 150m, a major shooting pain (albeit brief) around the outside of my right knee cap, going from top to bottom.  The location of the pain is difficult to pin down, but if I had to , I would say underneath the outside of the patella tendon.  I slowed to a gentle jog, and the pain came and went a couple of times until I finished the run.

    It seemed to occur at a similar location (1.5/1.4k from home).  I said in my previous post that the surface was straight and level, but in the cold light of day, and paying a bit more attention, the footpath is heavily cambered towards the road (lower on the right hand side) from the point at where I first experienced the pain.  I don't know if this is significant.

    I am currently sat here, eating a hot cross bun with a slice of cheese on, and a cup of tea.  My knee is iced, compressed and elevated.  This is the first real injury that I have been concerned about.  I'll be 40 next year, so I need to look after myself a bit.

    Anybody any ideas as to what this may be, and how best to treat it?  I know Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation is vital.  But specific stretching/exerscises to aid recovery?

  • Hi Chris.

    Im an absolute noob to these forums but not to running.

    I have just posted a thread about a knee problem of my own. I'm 99.9% sure mine is IT Band Syndrome. Yours sounds similar.

    Check it out via Googling it and see if it fits your situation.

    If it is ITBS, the usual RICE as you say, but there are a few good stretches you can do, not they are helping me much at the moment, Google for them too.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Andy,

    I had a feeling it may be ITBS.  And with my first half coming up, I'm not happy.  I guess I'm going to have to give the running a rest for a week or two, and concentrate on a stretching and strengthening program.


  • Thats it. A guy has just replied to my thread about ITBS, have a look, he makes some good suggestions.

    I'm sure with careful "rehab" you'll be fine for your half. Again, good luck.

  • I completed my first half marathon today.  And I managed under 2 hours, which I am more than happy about considering I only ran 5 miles in total in the 7 days leading up to the race.

    I tried a number of things to get me through it.  A combination of ITB stretches, foam rolling, anti-inflamatories (gel/tablets), and K-tape for the race.  The K-tape really seemed to stabalise things.  I also tried to stay off the camber and run on level ground round the course.

    Now I think I deserve a week off, before I start my 10k training for next months race.

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