Fault my logic

Do I have to much time on my hands? Basically, you can use any turbo on trainerroad : Pick a turbo, using cadence/speed you get a virtual power output using trainer road as per the brochure. Do the test to get your ftp etc... Train on that turbo, as prescribed using the ftp threshholds etc. (you cant use the numbers on any other power device-theyre not accurate) Or you can buy a power meter/listed turbo. But i have too much time, short arms and deep pockets. And i pulleda thigh muscle. Which just sucksenough that i cant really run on it. Or bike on it. Or dash upstairs quickly. Ho hum. So fault the logic, be kind. Im a man in painimage


  • Yes, that would work. Doesn't matter what the number is provided you set your zones around it, and you train around it. Do you have a turbo? Can you get a cheap one/second hand one that is on the list? I did.

    You might end up with an FTP of 65W when you are actually 201W, but who cares.

  • +1 with IC5

    get the figure - work around that.  in an ideal world or if you're a pro/nerd/statistician you'd want an accurate calibrated reading but for your purposes just work something out.


  • image

    its all relative anyhow, the weather conditions, the tire pressure, the effort, etc. so long as i hit the test proper like and get on with it .....

    Ill be giving it a poke later on my old school elite hydroforce travel.

    ( glad I didnt shell out on a new kinetic road thingy now - something for christmas / or a power hub wheel thingy )

    just need to lift the laptop of the daughter.....

  • Enjoy. I like TrainerRoad. Did HalfDome tonight as part of a taper. Deliberately missed one of the intervals.

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