NHS Foam cast orthotics- how long do they last?

Hey guys...

Went to see a podiatrist about my shin pain problems and had my foot pressed into this foam cast thing and a few weeks later I got these rigid foam orthotics (well, they're flexible) to wear all the time. I'm not sure if this is normal, but I've only had them since December, and already they feel like they've worn out. The centre part by my heel feels much thinner and bendier than it was when I first got them.

Do I need new ones already?!


  • ...depends what they're for and what's the presciption, where.

    Do they feel as if they are still doing what they are meant to do and helping? They are certainly not the be all and end all but should last longer than a few months.

  • Do you still have pain!?  How long did the podiatrist say they should last?

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