Jerusalem marathon

Hi all Anyone done Jerusalem before...the map appears to show only 3 toilets on the route!! This scares me!!


  • Not the full marathon, but I did it when it was only a half in 2009. I don't remember what the facilities were like but don't really remember there being any problems (a bit eaasier for us blokes though). What I do remember though is how hilly Jerusalem is, it was a pretty hard run and the Israelis are a very fit and competative lot. Was a great expereince though and not to be missed. Good luck if you decide to go for it, i'm doing the Tel Aviv marathon next week, finishing off with a beach party...a very differerent city to Jerusalem!


  • Hi G! I did it last friday- massively hilly!!! Toilet situation was ok! Off to Tel aviv myself in an hour after 4 days in jerusalem image good luck with your marathon!
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