Ankle pain

I have been running for some time now and till 3 weeks ago. I hurt the back of my right ankle, I think the Achilles tendon was the problem, so I had a 3 week rest, and I iced, compressed and putting my foot up in the air as much as I could when still working and living a busy life style! Even though I had no swelling I did this and till I had no pain. So the first thing I did for week 4 was stretching gently with a Theraband and performed more calf stretches as my calf’s did get quite tight before injury happened. I am now back running, taking it easy, no hills and 3 miles max, as before I was doing around 5 – 6 miles each run. Now after my second run back out there feeling alive again, my ankle didn’t hurt, niggle or swell at all even though I sort of was expecting it to! Well and till this morning. I have a different pain, it’s on the same right foot on the inside of the ankle just below the ankle bone, it gives a sharp shooting pain when I stretch my foot out (when putting on wellington boots to walk the dogs this morning) quite uncomfortable. Could this be bruising from last injury or could it be original injury and it’s still recovering? What about (DOMS) in the feet due to all the new starching and massaging I have been doing? I’m planning to take a couple of days off to see how things go. Has anyone got any ideas / help??


  • If there's no swelling sounds like you might be pinching an irritated nerve when putting the boots on.   It could be caused by scar tissue from original injury or potentially the extra movements youve been doing on your ankle with the theraband.  Hopefully will settle down on its own with a couple of days off. 

  • Thanks for coming back to me, It dose fell like a pinch come to think of it! Do you think I should compress, ice or anything? or just leave it till it settles down?

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