Cramp in Calves

I have been doing the C25K and am currently on WK7/D2.

It is going well with a couple of weeks off for knee ligament damage.

My calve muscles are growing and i am losing weight, but since the longer runs of 22 mins and 25 mins i have started to develop a little crap in my calves. Not enough to stop me running.

Can I prevent this and if so how so that it doesnt get worse and i can continue running without the concern?


  • Anyone offer any help please?

  • Sounds like calves are getting tight.   LOTS of calf stretching straight after runs.  Both straight leg and bent knee calf stretches for 1 min at a time.    Keep well hydrated - lots of water or isotonic drinks.

    A good sports massage on the legs would definitely help loosen them off.

  • Thanks I will try more stretching and more water first.

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