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  • Hi Teddy,

    Training has changed slightly from when I put it up last week:

    Sunday - 1hr swim (drills and lots of FC laps) + 47mins run (4miles or so - Garmin gave up on me)
    Monday - 5mile run (treadmill) - Military Fitness (boxing - I run the club so find it tricky not showing up)
    Tuesday - 13.7 mile bike ride to station and back this evening
    Wednesday - 1hr run (treadmill) - Military Fitness
    Thursday - same as Tuesday
    Friday - 2hr swim coached lesson
    Saturday - Rest
    Sunday - 2hr swim coached lessons + gym or run or bike ride. Havent made my mind up yet....

    You'll probably tell me off for not having another rest day.....? image

  • Jamie - I havent ventured out on open water yet - need to start thinking about that! Well I've been thinking about it just havent done anything about it LOL

    A friend mentioned a duathlon in April - Great Notley Spring Duathlon - anybody doing this?

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Teddy - agreed with you - have been trying to persuade Mrs Paperman to do the same thing. She's done a lot of weights work to lose weight (successfully) and seems to have got a bit addicted to it, rather than doing tri training - although she's planning events (anyone doing Clacton?)

    I keep trying to tell her that at the point someone sticks a weights bench in transition, she'll beat me hands down - until that point, she'd better start getting some bike miles in!

  • You do get addicted to weights I must admit... But given up Bodypump for my attempt at a Tri... Let's see...

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    That's one I haven't managed to make her let go of - she's got a Body Pump class booked tonight!

  • Yup that'll be tricky to get her off image

  • An enforced rest day due to technical reasons. Running shoes at home and gear (and me) in London. Doh!!

    Made up for it (I think) by pushing hard on my ride in this morning... I do so love it when cals burnt is over 1k....

  • I do weights during the 'off' season but cut back when i move into my 20 week programme ... but even now i do 1 or 2 Insanity training sessions each week ... this to will be cut back as I get closser to my race.

    When I raced shorter distances I did more weights ... cos you other sessions aren't as long (if that makes sense)


  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Certainly not done much on the parallel bars, judging by their Superstars showing! (although, no, I can do those dips either!)

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Agreed - more muscle = more weight to cart up hills, I guess. There's hope for me yet!

  • Im not talking body building here but generic strength training ...

    As for the Brownlee's ... they do weights ...



  • More muscle means more to carry around the course. No?!

  • Just realised Paperman said the same thing... More coffee needed...image

  • yay it's friday.....!!

  • Well did a gym-tri yesterday...

    300m swim 8mins approx
    20k bike ride (gym bike) 45mins (funny how you can be much faster when not worrying about traffic / hills etc...
    5k run (treadmill) 27mins

    Tricky bit was transition between swimming and bike, but felt good.

    Did 5k again this morning and was faster than the 5k yesterday. Actually fastest pace I've run 5k at all.

  • im still struggling with the bike then run...legs hurt so much!!!


    what gym do you belong to?

  • Hi Jamie - I've joined a gym near home in Suffolk.

    Funny thing with the transition from bike to run was that legs felt ok for first km, felt knackered in the 2nd and 3rd km but then the last two 2km's i got faster...

    Do you do any quad strengthening, like squats etc and leg weight exercises in the gym?

  • i goto DW in Ipswich which is good because it has a pool aswell image

    i've been having PT sessions for the last 3 months, he makes me do alot of squats and my least fav the bulgarian squat which is a killer!!

  • Hi Jamie - tried sending you a message, did you get all three attempts?!

  • no messages!

  • aha! just figured it out, your profile doesnt allow private messages...

  • what are you planning to wear for the tri?


    i keep looking at tri-suits, they look the easiest option


  • not sure yet - bit reluctant to spend huge amounts of dosh on new kit until I know I want to do more tri's... BUT did look at tri-suits v tank tops + shorts, just not sure what'll work in the transitions for me...

  • oh the joys of cycling, nice big pot hole in the road today gave me a blow-out today.....nice 2 mile walk home in cycling shoes!!! image

  • Oh no.... At least you weren't further out!!

    Must admit I'm getting to know my route to/from station in great detail now, I know where all the pot holes are, not that I manage to avoid them mind!

  • Think the term 'all the gear / no idea' springs to mind.... image

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