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  • I know - keeps on changing doesnt it?? Oh well, que sera sera...

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    The general temperature means that with any luck you shouldn't have a problem being warm enough even if it is raining. However, if it is raining, one suggestion is to watch what clothing you are trying to put on in transition. Struggling into clothing when you are wet is bad enough - struggling into wet clothing when you are wet is worse.

    On my first tri last year, the weather was cloudy all morning except for the time I was actually swimming, during which time it hammered it down, so I came out to a soaking wet transition area. Fortunately, all I was pulling on over my tri suit was a bike jacket, which went on easily enough. The lady next to me was wearing a swimsuit and pulling on t-shirt and shorts - I learnt some new words that morning before leaving her to it!

  • Ah so put stuff in plastic bags beforehand - or have a transition box with a lid...?!

  • tried to order some tri-shorts but didnt have my size, so after trying it in the shower this morning image going for swimming shorts in the pool, quick dry down in Transition, then im putting my cycling shorts over the top, then maybe whip them off on the run.

  • Hahaha classic!!! Hopefully see you there tomorrow, brother coming with his cattle prod (told him where's a better place to put it).

    Good luck if I dont see you!!

  • tired, legs hurt, but loved it image

    wanna do another!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Jamie, South Cerney tomorrow? 

  • Yup definitely loved it!! when's the next one?!?

  • Well done guys! Its too addictive.... and expensive. At least its healthy!

  • That's true.... Road bike is going to have to wait until the new year so slow bike times until then as that is where I lost time. 7 mins swim I didn't think was too bad, just waiting for the official times to come up....

  • timings here buddy.....

    i came 199 out of 258, not brilliant but not bad as it was my 1st image

    how about going up the runway, that head wind was like hitting a wall !! ..... i did 11mph going up and 28mph going the other way image

    Did you also see all the bkes that got crushed in transition?? near the end massive gust of wind and the bike rack fell over!!!!

  • Well that's the last time I get my brother to time my swim!!! He was 2 mins out and they haven't got my run or bike times...... image

    so I cam 205th.... Not bad but disappointed with the swim.... That run way was just mean. And to do it twice was evil!!!!


    my bike was on that rack, went back to pick it up and they'd moved it.... Think she's ok....... 

    it was great fun to be able to watch the fast runners coming in after us....


    well done JB!!! Are you doing Halstead on 9th June!?

  • the swim time must include the transition time aswell, because my swim watch said 6.41 and recoreded as 9.52


    not doing halstead, but looking at another at friton lake, also have you seen this new triathlon place in chelmsford.......

  • That's what I was thinking, as they haven't put any transition times in. Am keeping to my brothers time then.

    will check that place out, there is a good one in Colchester although they didn't have a lot of swim stuff apart from suits and goggles. oh and very expensive sunglasses.....

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    Fritton tri is nice - did that last year. Bike ride is relatively flat - not surprising for Suffolk!

  • tri-farm is not a shop its a triathlon training site, looks like its gonna be proper image


  • Aha!!!! Note to self, check link before opening gob.

  • lol --- also i always thought u were male!!!! sorry haha

  • Haha!!! Well I thought you were a girl so we're even 

  • Hey paperman, thanks for tip re socks, worked a treat..... 

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    No probs - glad it went well. I'm trying to educate my feet out of needing them, but you can get tired of bleeding all over your running shoes...

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