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Does anyone know anything about tyres? I need to get some new ones for my car and haven't really got a clue about what I should be buying. Does it matter what make it is? There seems to be a lot of variety in price... And what about second-hand, or is that just a waste of money in the long term? Anything I should be asking that I don't know to ask about?! image

I am a very confused bookworm...



  • I'd not risk second hand. You don't know if people have hit kerbs with them.

    What about remoulds ? Are they a cheaper option ?
  • second hand ????

    Have you any idea what has been done to them before you buy them ?

    You wouldn't use a 2nd hand condom

    What tyres does the maker specify for your car ?  Kwickfit do a set for mine that cost £45 each... seems a bargin but when you consider the designer built the car around tyres that cost £200 each, Suggests that the £45 one might lead to a rapid visit to a hedge somewhere

  • Get a decent brand of tyre. Not only is the wear better, but the tyres will affect the cars handling. You can check prices at the likes of Black Circle. Avoid the really cheap nasty tyres and look to brands like Hankook.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Independant dealer for car tyres usually if not always works out cheaper than national suppliers.

  • don't ever go with 2nd hand tyres for the reasons given

    remoulds can be fine but you need to buy from a reputable source

    frankly, I'd always go new and get a tyre that's suitable for the vehicle's speed rating.  you don't need to replace brand A with brand A, if brand B is the same tyre but less expensive 

  • I'd not really got any intention of getting second hand - I didn't even know you could get them until I started looking for tyres! Someone must be buying them though, going by the number of places I've found that sell them!

    I'e just googled 'remould' tyres. Apparently they cost less but are more likely to fail whilst driving image

    Cheap vs. expensive - do you get what you pay for? Or are you buying a brand name?

  • remoulds can be seen as being more dodgy but considering that most HGV and airplane tyres are remoulds I think it's mainly scaremongering from the new tyre retailers.   but I wouldn't personally use them...

    do you get what you pay for?  usually. the big brands invest in development so you pay more, the cheap brands just copy them but the tyres will do the job.

    if you only want to use the vehicle around town, go cheap; if you plan longer high speed journeys go mainstream

  • Remould tyres are worse that part worns, they should make them illegal. You can get a decent set of part worns if you go to the right places. Almost all taxis use them now and they are gaining in popularity due to the recession. As an example I normally stick 245x45 17s on my car at a cost of £115 each. Just put 2 very good partworn Pirrelis on at a total cost of £70... for the 2 fitted.

    Youll need your tyre sizes, stick them up and ill get some prices for new ones.

  • I've just checked Black Circle, and have options ranging from £64 (Kumho) to £115 (Continental). Really haven't got a clue about what makes are good 'uns...

  • Partly you pay a bit extra for the brand name, but for the most part these brands are build on their reputation for quality. Most quality car manufactuers fit the likes of Hankook or Pirelli tyres to their cars when shipping them for a reason.

  • The tyres I need are (apparently) 195/55R15 H 85

    That means nothing to me.

    I do a fair few miles. Around 20,000 last year. I have to travel between clinics, plus lots of weekends driving to races, etc. all over the country. So I wan't something that's going to last! But preferably not cost a fortune... A happy compromise would do image

  • Hankook Kinergy or Optimo tyres should be less than £80 and are a very good tyre.

  • 195/55R15 H 85

    195 - width, 55 - height as aspect ratio aka profile, 15 - wheel rim diameter, H - max speed rating (130mph in this case), 85 - load rating (max weight tyre can carry)

    any new tyre should match what's already fitted as they are usually car specific

  • Now it makes sense! Thanks FB image

    Hankook were £78. I think that's sounds reasonable enough. Is it worth trying my luck on a multi-buy deal?

  • missed out R - Radial construction - most modern tyres are that

    it might be worth looking at an online multi purchase and the paying to get them fitted - that can work out cheaper.

    ask a local tyre dealer or 3 how much they'd charge for supplying and fitting a tyre of your size; and how much just for fitting if you supply the tyre.   if the online deal plus fitting seperately works out cheaper than having them supplied and fitted by the dealer then buy online.  you will obviously need to get them to the fiiting company which can be a pain as tyres are pretty heavy.

    I did that with 4 new tyres for my motorhome - it was cheaper to buy online and pay the fitting charge on top than have the dealer do the lot. but they are pretty special tyres so not commonly stocked which could have been the difference

  • Try these guys they will come out and fit your tyres at your home or place of work. Checked your sizes and they do a Falcon tyre which is a good all rounder at £74 fitted. Hankook @ £78 are good providing thats fully fitted price? Dont do what I did and just get the tyres delivered, it was a real headache finding a garage willing to fit them.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    You should replace your tyres in pairs, as the two fronts should wear at the same rate (and the two back ones at the same rate) - so if its only one tyre thats below the legal minimum, the one on the other side of the car is likely to be very close to the minimum anyway.  This also eliminates any risk of dodgy steering due to different wear rates/compounds etc, etc.  

    I had hankooks supplied as original equipment on my new car, so they are a decent brand thats used by car companies even if they are not seen as one of the "prestige" brands.

    If your a tesco clubcard user, try (its a rebranding of the blackcircles service).    The tesco site had Kumhos on offer, and they'd probably be fine if your a normal driver.

    You may want to consider the lower rolling resistance tyres (e.g the Hankook Kinergy Eco) as long as they are only a couple of quid more expensive, as you'll recoup that in reduced petrol costs.   


  • check out the prices of these tyres to fit your car on Camskill

    some good deals there

    I bought my motorhome tyres from them - great service

  • I put Michelin Primacy HP tyres on my car, as they're meant to last a long time (they're holding up well so far) and they're good in the wet.

    Cost me £764 for 4 or them, fitted. image

  • Tom77 wrote (see)

    Cost me £764 for 4 or them, fitted. image

    nearly £200 a tyre - for a car???  fuck me - the 4 for my motorhome was £500 fitted and they are much bigger and less common than car tyres!

  • And what did they cost on the EOS ? You can't compare a truck to a carimage
  • never replaced them on the EOS.....

  • You didn't flog it cos the ashtrays were full did you ?
  • of course - and the windscreen needed cleaning...

    we sold it a couple of years ago now - it sat on the drive most of the time depreciating and costing me insurance so it had to go.

    we've upgraded the motorhome though....  image

  • One of my best mates has just bought a huge motor home They are driving it to Dubrovnik for my daughters wedding in August, I'm as jealous as hell....
  • Bookie, as you are doing a lot of miles it is worth spending on tyres, but you don't need to go as expensive as Pirelli, Bridgestone etc

    think yourself lucky that you have a choice.  There aren't any cheap brands of my tyres image

  • Your tyres are what connect you to the road, so it's worth buying the best ones that your budget allows.

  • i get alot of people come into my garage and ask for "black and round" costing about £40 each.

    then 1-2000 miles later they are noisey and out of shape!! they come back and complain that we supplied shit tyres image

    trust me on this one, buy DECENT tyres, unless you like the scenery of inside hedges and fields.

    top rated tyres at the moment are:

    1. michelin (unless you want to feel vialated dont buy these)
    2. continental/bridgestone
    3. pirelli (very hard wearing, in my opinion)
    4. hankook
    5. khumo
    6. budget ranges! examples are: sunny, $%^& names you cant read etc!
    hope this helps image
  • Just noticed that tyres now have EU ratings (wet grip, fuel efficiency, noise), that ought to make things easier.

    Of the tyres I could get for my car, Michelin, Good Year, Continental and Khumo all get A for wet grip. Of those the Khumo is easily the cheapest, but they're also the loudest tyre by far.

  • I've been looking at getting Khumo, but I'm not sure I like the thought of very noisy tyres... Urgh, this is unnecessarily complicated! image

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