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  • Ive got michellin and pirelli. One of the best in my opinion, quiet and strong!




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  • I have a Mini and that came with Dunlop run-flats from new...  until recently (last month) I had always replaced tyres with the Dunlops..    they lasted about 25,000 miles on the front, longer on the back, and cost about £175 to £185 each, depending on where I got them.

    The car is high mileage and has now done 165,000 miles (5.5 years old), so I've been through quite a lot of tyres.   I have just changed the tyres to Pirelli run-flats of identical size as an exercise to see if they last any better.  The Pirelli's were only slightly cheaper than the Dunlops...   its too early to say yet whether they will last any longer.


  • fat buddha wrote (see)

    don't ever go with 2nd hand tyres for the reasons given

    remoulds can be fine but you need to buy from a reputable source

    frankly, I'd always go new and get a tyre that's suitable for the vehicle's speed rating.

    Remoulds are to British Standards now, but I guess some dodgey ones do sneak through
    I used to use Colway on my Discovery (& 110CSW - 235/85 x 16), I sold the Discovery with 35,000 miles on the Colways (235/70 x 16) & they were a lot less than half wornimage

    Plus, last September I changed the front tyres on my Octavia estate, the original Dunlops had covered almost 33,000 miles, & still had about 3 mm left
    Not too bad for a heavy front-wheel-drive diesel!

    As for the Speed-Rating, please make sure that you buy tyres that at least equal the car manufacturers fitments.

    Strictly speaking, even allowing for the 70MPH limit in this country, if a car has a top speed of (say?, the 'gentlemans agreement' figure) 155MPH, the tyres must have a higher speed rating than this

    If not, it could be seen as a 'get out clause' by an insurance company, as the vehicle's not deemed (in their) eyes to be road-legal
    Especially if you do not inform them that you have made a change from the manfacturers specification, by lowering the rating of the tyres

    Silly, given our speed limits, but that's the way it is.

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