Walt Disney World Marathon 2014

Hi all - I'm hoping to sign up for the Walt Disney World 2014 marathon...so much so that I've already booked and paid for my holiday in preparation! Just wondering if anybody else has run, or is planning on running, the WDW Marathon? Also, any recommendations for where to get appropriate travel insurance? Or just insurance for the actual run? Thanks in advance!


  • Hi, I ran the 1/2 this year and have to say it was the best run ever.  I am already planning on doing Goofy in a few years time. The whole holiday was just a great high and can't recommend it highly enough. My travel insurance with Direct Travel did cover marathon running and was not extra to the normal policy.  I would suggest that staying in aWDW resort is the easiest as transport for the race is provided.  I wouldn't recommend the pasta party, it wasn't the best for either quality of food or pre race prep.  The temp this year was the highest for 20 years so be prepared for that.  And finally I would say put all thoughts of times out of your mind, you will have so much to look at , want to stop to get phot's with characters , just go and enjoy it and its great walking round the parks afterwards wearing your medal. x 

  • I really want to do the Goofy challenge but don't think I'll be able to afford it in 2014. Hope everything goes well for you. image

  • We've done the Goofy for the past 3 years - it is absolutely brilliant! image

    I said 3 times was enough and that we wouldn't do it in 2014 - but then they 'leak' today that they are introducing the Dopey - 10k, half and full marathon - so I have to go now!!! imageimage

    (We just get marathon insurance with Virgin.)

  • Thanks guys image  We aren't staying at a WDW Resort, hadn't thought about that when booking, but I guess I'll have plenty of time to work out the finer points! I've heard that it is quite an experience and brings people back year on year, I'm sure it won't disappoint! image

  • Wife and I are both fifty next year so......signed up. Wife doing 26.2 me going goofy. Love disney and couldn't resist after business trip to Florida and wife broke her marathon duck this year at Brighton. Travel to Orlando, recommend virgin via Manchester always had a great flight 6 times over last 1yeasts consistent great service. We are staying wdw. If u can resorts in Epcot ie yatch club look to be most convienent but can others say whether this is so? How is the weather as u do the event?image

  • Less than 2 months to WDW Marathon weekend - I'm running the Goofy, also 50 in Jan so birthday celebration as well.

    Staying at the Beach Club - can't wait image

  • Are we all getting a bit excited now?image

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