Treadmill Interval Training Advice.

OK guys, here we go. I have time for 30-35 mins on the treadmill during my lunch break so I thought once a week I'd go for some interval training.
I started of doing 3mins @ target 5K pace off 2 jog x 5.
Now got to 3 x 7 mins off 1.
Question is where to go from here while still fitting it in.
do I a) Increase pace of interval. b)increase pace of recovery to increase the overall intensity. c)Try and remove one of the recovery intervals or

reduce to 30 seconds. or d) Well I'll leave that up to you (All suggestions welcome)




  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Don't fall off.

  • Use the treadmill to do the one thing that is hard to find on the road... sustained hills.  The gains for virtually anything (except sprinting) will be rapid.  But build up slowly, so you don't get injuries, you want strength not speed.  Go exhaust yourself.

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