Runner's World Trailblazer - Clumber Park 10K

Signed up for this, I've never run a Trail race before - looking forward to it!


  • I love trail races. Was thinking entering this one on the day. Do you know what the cost is?
  • £40 on the day, £30 in advance, £25 in advance if you are a RW subscriber

  • 40 quid for a 10K? Maybe not then. I'm running an off road marathon this weekend for only 18 pounds. Why the big cost? Is Worksop a very rich area or something?
  • No Sussex, its not a rich area!!
    Trail races are great Gravitas, i love them. rather be off road than on road.

    Off onto the heath tonight with headtorches, see if we can trip over a few mountain bikers image

  • I was looking at this one too.  Bit pricey though.

  • Never run a trail race before! seems a little pricey but 1t says 70 if you run all 3 races !! where and when are the other 2 ??


  • Oh well, signed up for this now as I am close by and kids will get something out of it too, plus ive never run a trail before so looks like a good one to cut my teeth on.

  • Really fancy this but I will not pay £30 for a 10k run whether a trail race or road race. anyone know why so pricey?

  • Weather looks pretty grim tomorrow for this. 

    Are the trails pretty weatherproof or will it be a mudfest ?

  • Im signed up for this one too and the weather is certainly going to be interesting.

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