RW Marathon FLM Beginners - Phil

Runner’s World has plucked three lucky souls from the forums to take on a massive challenge - to get from virtually nothing to 26.2 miles in time for the 2004 Flora London Marathon.

Please give a warm welcome to Phil, and his very own forum thread. He will be updating us on his progress and is keen for any advice or encouragement you can give him.

You can read Phil's article here.


  • ... I can't.
  • can't what?
  • Good luck matey. Hope it all goes well.

    The main thing is to enjoy the day. I'm sure you will. Just try to remember that when you are out doing those long runs.
  • Have fun with it. As I've said to the others, there's a good thread (Nosey) on training at the moment, on how the great and the good as well as the slow and the remarkable have started, and proceeded.

    Enjoy the forum.

    You never run alone.
  • Good luck with all the training,and most of all enjoy

  • Good can do it..inch by inch it's a cinch..
  • bet tom is your BESTEST friend now isnt he
    tee hee
  • Good luck Phil.

    Best advice i can give you is don't build up your long runs too fast.

    See you there hopefully
  • Good luck Phil.

    I started my serious training for next years FLM a couple of months ago. I have a place carried over from this year, and I am really starting to enjoy every run, even the longer ones! which is the main thing.

    Hope your training goes well.
  • As an ex-smoker, returning to running after a long lay-off, I was really interested in reading about Phil. I, too, am training for FLM 04. Best advice I can give is, nearer the big day in April, do at least a couple of shorter races, ie 10 miler, and a half-marathon.This helpsto gauge progress, and gain invaluable race-day experience. Good luck, Phil. Keep us posted, and hopefully see you at Greenwich
  • Hi Phil
    Just popped in to say good luck, after reading the article on the home page!

    Believe me, its a hard long road, but one that will feel you with satisfaction,and the sense of achievement, when you get to the end of it!

    It will also increase your health tenfold, and will benefit you greatly! And the one worrying thing is that it will become mightily addictive, and you will want to do another...after all i had planned just to do the 1..(15 later.....)
  • Just to let you know that Phil doesn't have ready access to a computer at the moment so he's not ignoring you all!
  • But I do and I'm filling him in on what you say!
  • Good Luck Phil,

    I'm just starting out too but will be happy to not get injured in the next few months. Am going to follow a heart rate based training programme as laid out in the excellent "Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat(sic) Idiot"

    Seems like a good place to start with a lower intensity build up...

  • Phil

    FLM in 2002 was my first marathon. I crossed the line in tears. It was one of the best days of my life and a truly wonderful experiance.

    Don't set a time just enjoy the day FLM is the best marathon and a truly great experiance.

    Look out for the FORUMITES at mile 18 who will be there to cheer you on.

    Also get yourself some URWFRC kit and join in at some of your local races where other forumites will be there to cheer you on and give you support.

    See you there next year.
  • Good luck with your training Phil, no shortage of good advice on here.
  • Where do I get some of this URWFRC kit from, then, and how do you down-load those neat little picturesin the corner of each message?!
  • good luck guys... and remember to enjoy it all!

    also beware of people just pasting identical posts on all your threads! it;s the personal touch that really counts!
  • good luck all of you - my first marathon was FLM in 2003 - enjoy the experience, the training and camaraderie of the day (and of course the forum. me - I'm sweating on a place for 2004 - and still running for the sheer hell of it.

  • How's it going Phil? (I'm one of the other beginners with you in Runner's World.) What's Keith got you doing? He's got me on 75 mins a day of jog 2 mins/walk one minute.
  • Hiya Phil -

    5 months to go.....EEEKKK - how exciting!!!!

    You will love it and with any luck running will become your new addiction ;-)

    Upto Nov 2002 I really struggled to run 5k, and used to hate every minute of it....but I had always wanted to run a marathon and decided it was "now or never" and took a charity place for FLM 2003.
    I did it - (the sense of achievement is incredible!!) - have just finished my second marathon (Dublin) last week, and have also just been accepted into FLM 2004 so I will definately be there to keep you company.

    Moral of the story...if I can do it, ANYONE can ....

    Welcome to the club!
    All the best and good luck mate....

  • I'm similar - I only started running in Septmber last year and ran the London Marathon this year! As long as you do the training you can do it.

    All the best
  • Like you Phil I quit the cigs at the same time I started running: running is a really powerful support/antidote to the dreaded addiction. But you can keep running and smoke (so don't worry if you fall off the wagon) so long as you keep running and don't give up giving up . . .

    Best of luck with it . . .
  • you still there phil?
  • anybody here seen Phil?
  • has he done a runner?
  • Hi good luck I have applied to the the Marathon fingers cross I will get the nod. Started training from scratch in September. I have achieved a Six mile run in an hour last Weekend so I hope I am on Target. Do two 30 minute runs a week on top of a longer run on Sundays
  • Phil doesnt have easy access to a computer
  • Can we chip in and buy him a cheap one I hate talking to myself!
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