Running shoes on a budget for a beginner

Hi there I was wondering if someone could help. I've been running only since November in just an old pair of general sports trainers that are years old but now they need replacing. My budget is no more then ??60 and i have normal arches. I'm not a slender runner as I'm 13.5stone and 6ft. My mileage at the moment is around 20 miles a week but this increases nearly every week as I am training for a half marathon and I'm aiming for sub 1hr 50 mins based on current average of 8.3 miles per min. After searching the web for days and I am so overwhelmed by the choice and I was looking for some pointers. Thanks in advance.


  • go to a decent runing shop and get professional advice from them, and a gait analysis so they can ensure you have shoes that are right for you.   normal arches is no indicator of what may be the best shoes.

  • What he said ... a proper running shop is what you need. Tell them your budget up front. You should find shoes that are right for you.My local Sweatshop has usually got a few pairs of something on offer.

    Top of the range running shoes these days have price tags of up to £150, which is taking the piss imho.

    Do the decent thing and buy the first pair in-shop after getting the advice and help, and then scour t'internet, ebay etc for replacements.

  • Ok guys thanx for the tips. There are a couple of places near me that offer gait analysis so ill try them and just be up front about my budget so they don't pressure me into getting some thing I can't afford.
  • If you run on your toes wear anything. Sports direct do old school stlye plimsoles in adult sizes for about £7.

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    If you run on your toes wear anything. Sports direct do old school stlye plimsoles in adult sizes for about £7. 

    These are quite cheap, nice colour too.

  • What Muttley said.  DO NOT go to SportsDirect or JJB Sports!  Find a proper sports or running shop, tell them your budget and ask for their help.  Then buy your first pair from them (it's only fair).  Then, once you know what you need, you can go to eBay, etc from then on.

    All shops should have something for £60 - that's not exactly a low budget!  PM me if you have trouble - I am a black-belt in finding cheap running shoes!

    Good luck!

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