Do I need new trainers?

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I was wondering if someone could give me a bit of advice.  I've been running for quite a while now on/off but only had 2 pairs of trainers (supplied on advice of overpronating at sweatshop).  The first pair were Nike and current are ASICS (can't remember the models).  

My problem now is during and after runs I'm getting quite a bit of pain in my arches and the inside of my shins (i.e. left side of my shin on my right leg).  Could this be down to my shoes?  I've probably done a couple of hundred miles in them now.

Also the pain eases slightly when running if I try and put more weight on the inside of my feet, is is possible the shoes are correcting my overpronation too much?




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    after a quick search i've read anywhere between 200-450 miles. But I guess it comes down to the surface you run on / how heavy your foot fall is / quality of said trainers / and many other various factors to boot!

    An article on I found gives more of a "how to check" as well as a "rule of thumb" approach.

  • Well I mainly run on roads / canal paths.  I'm 6' 3'' and 90kgs so have a pretty heavy footfall I'd imagine.  Is it worth me trying more cushioned shoes with less support?

  • I'm over 100kg and with the inceased loading that us heavy guys give shoes, they tend not to last that long sadly.

    I often find that it's the little niggles that you are seeing is mostly a sign that the shoes need replacing as the cushioning is on the way out.  you can ease some of these niggle by moving the poiunt of loading a little - such as the inside of the foot - but it's only temporary

    get a new pair and see f the niggles clear up but stick with the same shoes for the time being

  • Ok,

    Also I would say I've done over 200 miles in them so perhaps it's time for a change. 

  • 200 miles is sadly about right in Asics - and you probably won't see much difference in other brands.   I used to use Asics Nimbus and I found them slightly longer lasting than Cumulus.

    if the niggles don't go, then you'd best seeking specialist advice

  • I'm another large runner. I've found that running on trails and off road has helped me to shake some of the niggles.

    I tend to have an older pair of shoes for training and a newer pair for races same make and model. When training pair dies I buy a new pair to race in. I've found that I get more miles out of my NB 890 than any other shoes I've used.
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    I'm 6'4" and 13 stone and I tend to get 600 miles or more out my shoes before replacing them. Who the hell replaces shoes every 200 miles? image

  • Eggyh73 wrote (see)

    I'm 6'4" and 13 stone and I tend to get 600 miles or more out my shoes before replacing them. Who the hell replaces shoes every 200 miles? image

    rich people??  image

  • Yeah loaded me image

    I'm only asking because it may be the cause of quite a bit of pain which has developed recently.

  • Take them back to your running shop and get their advice, specialist shops tend to quite helpful. I wear asics 2170,s and get about 400 miles out of them. 200 miles doesn't seem alot, maybe you've been advised wrong?
  • c400 miles was always the advice I was given.  I wear New Balance because they seem to last longer than others (esp Asics which wear v. quickly) and because I bought a ton of them from the Shap Outlet last Christmas for 40% of retail!

    90Kgs isn't that big - I'd suggest going back to the running shop and asking what they can do.

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