Help, how do I wear my running waist apck?


Im running an ultra in a few months and I am just trying to get to grips with bags etc...I don't like running with a back pack so thought the best option would be a waist pack, I bought an OMM ultra waist pack, problem is I just couldn't get it right, I placed it quite low on my hips to start with, it just moved around and had a gap between it and my back no matter how tight I made it, I then tried it higher and pulled it tight but still there was a gap and it constantly moved, I had to adjust it every 10 mins, the run flew out the window and I ended up getting pretty annoyed! Am I doing it wrong? Might it be my body shape because Im a woman!? Should I try another? The OMM is quite large, larger than I need as there are feed stations every 4 miles.


Any suggetions would be appreciated, I've already spent money on a back pack I couldn't get to grips with!




  • Its my first ultra, Im getting to grips with a waist pack, never used one before, used back packs but not a waist pack....We all have to start somewhere or no one would do anything new...Thanks for the reply

  • Rebecca, dont worry about David, he likes to be controversial to get a rise out of people image

    I can't get to grips with waist packs either. If there are feed stations every 4 miles, would you need to carry anything at all? What were you planning on taking with you?


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    I hate back packs and stuff, ran with an evoc camel back the other day , and had all the fastenings on the shortest they would go and it was still too big image, feed stations every 4 miles you won,t need to carry drinks etc, is it under FRA rules ?


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    MM -- I've never run an ultra but I think there are certain things you have to carry, such as a rainproof jacket and sh*t... Perhaps RG could confirm this.
  • That depends entirely on the race. An ultra is any any distance longer than a marathon remember, It could be only 30 miles, taking less than an hour longer than a marathon, some would do that in under 4 hrs, no need for extra equipment.

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    I stand corrected... Perhaps the OP will let us know what she needs to be lugging around...
  • I have the omm 6l waist pack.

    Personally I have it quite high and pulled in very very tight. I find no matter how tight I think it is, it doesn't feel that tight after a few miles image

  • I've done the coast to coast adventure race with an OMM backpack on.

    I much preferred that to a waist pack - it fits me better.

    I've also done an ultra with no pack and the feed stations were 10 miles apart - I just carried some sweets in a leg pocket on my shorts.

    Unless you need to carry kit I would bin the pack - its clearly not fitting you. A small running sac might be a better fit.
  • If you can get away without the pack, then great - problem solved. Otherwise, I have always found, the heavier and larger the pack, the more it will move around. So, the key is minimising the contents down to what you really need to take and using an appropriately sized pack. I have an OMM 3L which has compression straps which hardly moves at all - great for winter training and early season fell races. For training and shorter races, I use a 2L inov-8 race elite which is just big enough to get all the FRA mandatory kit in.

    If you are using the Kamleika ultra 6L, then its probably just way to big!

  • Maybe you just need to run with it a bit more? I have the OMM 3l for fell races and manage to forget about it after a while. The same pack will do for an ultra, especially one so well stocked. If it's heavy (water makes the big difference) it can get annoying when loose. I cinch the straps in fairly close and wear it quite high, but I'm not a woman image

    Don't take lots - you see people with huge sacs - imagine the cumulative fatigue of just an extra kg over thousands of steps and 30+ miles. Good luck.


  • I've found that waistpacks do benefit from being worn quite high - which feels odd at first. Also when you get it tight enough tie a knot in the strap as they always slip otherwise.

    Personally I much prefer a backpack these days as they are a whole lot more stable.

  • Never done an ultra...but got a waist pack and found if I move it round so that everything is in front of me, it fits so much better. Might look a bit odd, but I have the bottle positioned in front of me and slightly to the side and it no longer jiggles about. Maybe try it just in a few different positions, and as other have said, maybe higher up. I do still tighten it every so often, but its not too annoying anymore....even though I do get a few odd looks!

  • Sports Direct do a variety of different "fanny packs" and back packs which are dirt cheap and light weight (Karrimor brand). Definitely worth a look. I wear my waist belt quite tight. Sounds counter intuitive, but it rubs a lot less. Good luck !
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