Reasonable expectations

I've just signed up for a xc race that is just over 5 weeks away and I was wondering what training I should be putting in up to the race and a reasonable pace I should be aiming for?

The race is 13km, which I don't think is too much of a problem in itsefl (I did 11.3km at the weekend fairly easily), but at the moment I am fairly slow (5:30-6min/km on trails).

It's my first ever event and I don't want to embarass myself image

All suggestions greatly appreciated image


  • Not much background but I suspect the only way you would embarrass yourself would be to turn up in fancy dress! Training just keep up the weekly runs - at least 3?! Also try and train on a similar terrain so you will know what to expect.
  • Well, I've only been running since November (been cycling mainly for the last 20 odd years), but a few injuries (ankle, mainly) have scuppered things a bit, although it seems I am over these now **touches wood**. 

    Most of my runs have been betweel 7 and 10km, with a few over 10km and one snowy 17km run.

    All of my running, well as much as I can, has been off road, so I don't think the terrain will be an issue, and I won't be doing it in fancy dress image unless you count Skins tights, Gore shorts and a Craft top image

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