Chester 'Round the Walls' Race

Is anyone else doing this one?Run it for the past 6 or 7 years but fear I might not be able to make it this time around.Thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone....


  • Posted my entry on the way to work this morning.
    Haven't done it before, but then again I haven't lived in Chester til this year !
  • It's a really good one - apart from when the weather intervenes and you get 4 laps of the race course instead. A great way to work off the Xmas pud.
  • The steps going up and down on the walls are a killer!!Nice and muddy on the racecourse too
  • Wonder if I can claim an extra slice of Christmas Pub as part of my "carbo loading" in prep for this ???
  • I quite fancied doing this but the other half has banned me from running over the festive period. Would have brought back a few memory's of winning the boys and youths races when I was younger. Sensible, how long have you been running for Wirral AC
  • Why not do it as a "family" thing ACE ?
    It was my g/f who got the entry forms and suggested it
  • Sadly no longer a member of Wirral AC as I've moved away,family still live there though!!Ran for them from c.1992 to 2002 and best I managed was 6th in the Walls race last year.Still run for them second claim if I get the chance.
    There is a kids fun run,one lap of the racecourse, and then you could have a wander around Chester afterwards?Any excuse to get a race in!!
  • Me being a bit dense here - so it's actually on the walls is it ??

    Do they grit it if it's icy ? ;-)
  • I'm glad you asked that, cougie - I wanted to ask but didn't want to seem stoopid...

  • Oh thanks for that Lynne !!!

    (visions of me hitting ice and skidding off under the railings into a canal !)

    And 4 laps of the racecourse sounds a nightmare ! More like the X country we used to do at school - running round the playing fields !
  • Sensible, where Chris Yates, Mike Griffiths and Ben Reese around still when you ran for Wirral
  • I think that one of the years when it was 'Not Round the Walls' (not allowed on the walls in case it caused them to crumble) - someone did manage to fall in the canal. This may not be true.

    The 4 laps of the racecourse is a nightmare and in fact the cross-country course my school inflicted upon me. They ran this course the year before last when it managed to snow about 2 hours before the start. It had stopped in time for the race, but the flags on the walls were deemed too slippy for the front runners to navigate safely (would have been fine for the likes of me).
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Tried to do this last year but there was no public transport between Liverpool & Chester before noon so I had no chance of getting there.

    So got blootered on Crimbo day instead. Would like to do it this year but will have to look into logistics of it.
  • If the walls are considered too dangerous (ice or snow or torrential rain) then the race is 4 laps of the racecourse on mud and grass.Unfortunately they dont grit the walls and the steps up and down would be lethal.

    Ace - The names are familiar but they were all a bit older than me (only 24!).As far as I know,Ben Reese is still running well but dont know about the others?

  • I'm doing this one, oops, I started a thread on this last night, didnt realise they was one already ... staying with rels in Chester .... so if I survive Blacon ... see you there
  • B-boing. Is there no way or combining two threads on the same subject?
  • Did this last year and it's a damn good laugh. You just have to watch out for oblivious pedestrians wandering into your path. Apparently one year there was a scuffle between the leading runner and a tourist who refused to get out of the way - think I'd have paid 4 quid just to see that....
  • Ok, how do you enter this, take it I need the website address !!
  • West Cheshire AC, has the entry form on it
  • Got our numbers yesterday, so suppose I'll have to behave on Christmas day now
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