Going for you first run?

I really want to start going running , however i'm having difficulty actually going for my first run- being concerned that people might see me , i might look silly , i may run in a really strange way etc etc.


Anyone have any advice on going for you first run?image


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    I really wouldn't worry too much about what other people think... Everyone has to start somewhere... Usually with a first run I guess. Do you have any friends who run that you could buddy-up with? Or perhaps consider joining a running club.
  • Yup, my advice will be just do it!

    Yes, depending where you are you 'might' get heckled by some mindless person but I very much doubt you will. Non runners? well they are non runners so you shouldn't care what they think (though it's probably all in your head) and fellow runners will understand if your slow at first image

    I mainly run on single track roads/trails so need to be seen, tomorrow I'll be in bright orange shoes, capris, lime green knee length shorts, a flu yellow jacket and Orange beanie - so I don't care what people thinkimage

    As for being concerned if people see you I'd like to think an oncoming motorist would be able to see youimage

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    NatalieO you may want to check out the following:


    Marc's take of "abandon-all-reason-and-do-it-now approach to your first run ever" is probably the best advice for a first time runner.

  • Me too, got my clothes, trainers, ipod just need the push to get out of the front door!! I am going to TRY to do my first run monday morning!!

  • After 3-4 runs you wont care who sees you!

  • Ahh DF3 the motivational coach!!

    grab it by the scruff Nat and just go for it! most people look at runners, mostly out of jealousy as they are doing something they cant/wont.

    put your ipod in (one ear obv. image) and go for a slow plod/jog/run whatever you can manage! trust me its worth it, as many will agree image

  • I got chased by a dog on my first run.

    My big mistake was running a loop of the local park so of course I came across the wretched thing again.

    It remained my best pace for several weeks image 

  • Listen to Nike...

    Just do it!

  • Whenever people tell me that they saw me or my husband out running, they tend to be impressed that we're out running. Kind of a "wow, you're out exercising and all I did after work was sit on the sofa and watch telly" sort of thing.

  • My new running hat, which I love and that covers my sticky out ears and holds in my earphones beautifully makes me look, as my partner assured me this morning "like a dick".

    In my experience nothing makes you more invisible to people than dressing in tight fitting illuminous coloured clothing and running. You will get the odd daft comment but it's by someone whose opinion you neither asked for, want or need and whom you'll never see again. So what does it matter?  Haile Gebrselassie is one of the all time great distance runners, a legend and he had a terrible running style so  just get out there and do it, you'll find your fears were misplaced and even if you do look odd running how will you know? As I pointed out this morning I'm sure it does make me look stupid but who is the only person who can't see it or be bothered by it? Moi

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    just pick a nice venue,a local park , or scenic  footpath, and enjoy it , don,t worry if you have to walk/jog at first , just get out there and enjoy yourselfimage

  • Have you a parkrun near you? These are free timed 5k runs in parks up and down the country. Google parkrun to find a convenient one for you. You''ll find runners of all abilities and lots of friendly support and encouragement. Good luck and enjoy your running!
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    KW2013 wrote (see)

    Me too, got my clothes, trainers, ipod just need the push to get out of the front door!! I am going to TRY to do my first run monday morning!!

    Is there a particular reason that all 48 hours of this weekend arent free? See there in lies the problem ..... youre already pushing the start day till after the Weekend ...... give me one good reason you can't do it Saturday morning?

    Well DF3 I went out this morning!! and to be fair I must have looked like a pleb but who cares I really enjoyed it and am suprisingly looking forward to Mondays run....I regularly ran in a gym but really enjoyed the outdoors and am looking forward to entering Park run when I can run a bit more!

    NatalieO - just do it, its really not as bad as you think!!

  • Well done.the hardest part of my run is getting out of the front door image

    Try running first thing in the morning I will be doing a 15 miler tomorrow and will set off around 7am (early night) hardly anyone around on a Sunday morning,even on a busy road (A6) apart from Dog Walkers and other Runners...image

  • I agree with Nie, people who see you will just be impressed image you are doing this for you and it doesn't matter about anyone else. I took up running age 40 6 years ago and it has transformed my life! I feel strong and fit and most of the time happy! I used to walk/run and gradually built up to my first marathon, Manchester, last year. I have caught the bug and am training for 2 this year! Let us know how that first run went......hopefully it will be the first of many image

  • Nat, go when its dark and wear a hoodie. Thats what i do..............seriously !!!!

  • That's why I run with my dogs.. Sometimes I don't have confidence to run on my own and find running with other humans stressful.

  • Do it!,, build very slowly ..don't go nuts....just in 1 st few weeks get your body used to the idea of running...

    Try walking then a short jog then a walk ect ...Increase the running bits slowly.

    And soon enough your be able to jog all the way round.

    I found going on time was easier than distance.so say week one 25 mins 3 times a week of walk / slow jogs is plenty to start.
  • Ps good luck! And sod em all...no one is laughing at you
  • I know what you mean; I felt really self consious but put headphones on and turned the volume up so if anyone was shouting abuse as my lardy bum I couldnt hear it! Plus who cares what others think...youre trying to better yourself and will feel fab when you get into it image

  • The first time you go out for a run will mean that the first time you come home from a run will follow within the hour - and that's going to feel fantastic.

  • I got over this feeling by wearing a tight compression t-shirt that I bought off ebay for about £15 (which stopped any wobble!) worn under a hoodie (which helped hide me).  I went out running in the dark through the winter months when hardly anyone else was out, well, only people that looked like serious runners who genuinely completely ignored me. It didn't take long to get over the feeling of looking stupid, though first few runs were quite hard mentally.  The C25K program helped me enormously to start, as an absolute beginner. Good luck.

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