Saucony Mirage, i love them, but what trail shoe would you recommend ?

I got my non trail perfect for the road Saucony mirages 3 months back i absolutely love them.  Previous i was on nike lunar eclipses which provided far more support.

My aim at the time of buying the saucony's was to get a lighter more neutral shoe, albeit not as neutral as the kinvara i did not feel i was quite ready to go that neutral.

So my question for you, what Trail shoe would anybody recommend for a lover of the saucony mirage.  My mirages weigh in at 306 grams and have a 4mm drop in the heel.  I very very mildly over pronate.

thank you in advance of your replies image




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I'm also a big fan of the Mirages.  

    I don't have any trail running knowledge or experience, but I did look into them a little while ago in the wintry conditions.  The Saucony Kinvara TR and Peregrine models seemed the best match.  Whilst these don't offer any support (i.e. would be classified as neutral), you'll find that most trail shoes are neutral as the rough ground of trail running  means that probation is not so much of an issue. 

  • Thanks stutyr appreciate the reply, i have an extrmely supportive adidas trail shoe which has never let me down, downside it is heavy as !!

    i tried the brooks pure grits which were no support, and i got some mild pain first time, second time it seemed to ease but i had to give them back as was a 10 day trial.  I really did like the feeling of running on them and the looked cool, im just worried i guess i get a pair and get pain as i really need them for long trails and stupid things like tough mudder.  thanks for the reply again, i love the peregrines and kinvaras just worried about buying a pair and it not working out, was hoping there is a simple Mirage Trail offering...


  • Hi Paul, gotta agree that saucony make great shoes. I run in the kinvaras and peregrines and love them both. I also love the pure grits as a back up but the peregrines are better for trail runs combined with short stretches of Tarmac. Have you looked at the Xodus? Not run in them myself but I think they're saucony's most built up trail shoe. Either that or try something from the asics Fuji line. I have the racer version and they are also great. Having spent years going through various salmons and inov8s I have decided that trail versions of road shoes suit me just fine
  • Ok so I went along to the running shop determined to get brooks pure grit. After trying bonus a few pairs we decided the grits were not for me. I felt really good and looked good feet wise in the adidas adizero xt4.. Took them out tonight for 6mikes and they were excellent. Since I have sat down my calves are feeling a wee bit tender, but I'm happy to bear with that.. No pain on the run and the shoes felt excellent, responsive, great grip in muddy wet conditions and nice and light.

    As it had a brooks voucher for 25quid off I also bought some pure cadence which have a support over the foot and stiffness similar to the mirage on the arches, same drop and similar weight to the mirage... Feel lovely and soft but they held well, am expecting big things of these shoes as I aim toward my first marathon.
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